United World College Applicants

Whitman College is proud to be a partner with the Davis United World College Scholars Program. The Davis Scholarship program contributes $10,000 each year for four years to each entering UWC graduate at Whitman. Ten UWC graduates are enrolled at Whitman College in 2009/10 from the following UWC campuses:

Whitman College representatives have visited each of the above schools within the last two years. The Southeast Asia, Mahindra, Armand Hammer, Lester B. Pearson, and Li Po Chun campuses are visited yearly by an admission officer that offers interviews on campus.

UWC students are given preference in the admission process. Students apply for admission and financial aid using the same application as all other international applicants. The opportunity to waive some test scores is possible, but limited. Please contact Joshua Smith, International Admission Coordinator if you have questions about waiving a language test or application fee.