General Information & Statistics

International admission to Whitman is highly selective. On average, we admit only 10% of the international students who apply to the College. If admitted, we meet your full financial need as demonstrated by financial aid applications.

Statistics for the past three admission years follow:

2009 2010
Applied 343 354 312 297 303
Admitted 39 29 37 37 37
10 8 17 10 15

Currently, about 4% of the student body at Whitman College is made up of international students. Students come from every continent and from public, private, and parochial schools and rural and urban areas.

Multiple factors are considered in the admission process. First and foremost, the Admission Committee looks for students that are taking rigorous coursework throughout their secondary education. In addition, we look for students that are successful in school and have a strong grade point average. Applicants need not submit award certificates or copies of honor roll lists.

Second, we look at writing ability. There are no remedial or ESL courses at Whitman and we do not offer conditional admission. International students are expected to perform and participate in class the same as domestic students so writing ability is key. The application process includes several essays and a critical analysis.

Third, we consider test scores, both for aptitude and English ability. Due to the competitive nature of admission at Whitman, test scores play a larger part in the application process for international students.

Financial need is also a consideration as the Whitman Admission Committee is need-aware when evaluating international applications. This means that we consider the CSS Profile at the same time that we review your application for admission. This does not mean, however, that we do not admit students with high financial need. In fact, the average financial aid package is quite generous. As most admitted international students have high need, and Whitman international scholarship funds are not unlimited, we must review financial aid information at the same time that we review your applications for admission.