Summer Institute and Workshop Series

Fieldwork with Professor Dobson

Supporting our local teacher's goals to engage their students in the exploration of science, we offer professional development opportunites to Walla Walla valley teachers each year.  The aim of the Summer Institutes and Workshops is to create an experience for area teachers that allows them access to faculty and increase subject knowledge while also encouraging collaboration between colleagues and Whitman faculty.  Each year we choose topics that allow us to share the physcial, institutional, and intellectual resources of Whitman while addressing subjects that directly relate to the curriculum of the schools.

Past topics:

  • Evolution: Delbert Hutchison, Heidi Dobson, Sara Belchik, Allison Calhoun
  • Consumable Energy: Kurt Hoffman, Bob Carson, Allison Calhoun
  • Our Green World- The Biology of Producers: Nancy Forstheoefel, Heidi Dobson, Jim Russo
  • Environmental Success Stories (and failures): Nick Bader, Frank Dunnivant, Kendra Golden
  • Our Earth-Uniformity and Change through Cataclysmic Events: Andrea Dobson, Pat Spencer, Kirsten Nicolaysen
  • Emerging Viruses relavant to humans: Jim Russo
  • The Diversity of Viruses: Michelle Shafer
  • The Chemistry of Water: Frank Dunnivant
  • Green Energy: Old Ideas, New Technology: Kurt Hoffman
  • Neurobiology: Chris Wallace and Ginger Withers
  • The Science of Food: Mark Juhasz
  • Fantastic Fluids: Doug Juers
  • A Tale of Evolutionary Pressure: Tim Parker
  • Luminous Application sof Light and Lenses: Mark Beck, Kirsten Nicolaysen, Ginger Withers, Chris Wallace, Michelle Shafer
  • Particle Physics: Hadron Collider, Dark Matter, Expanding Universe, Black Hole: Moira Gresham