Local Gardening Curriculum

Garden Lesson Outlines for local schools:

Prospect Point Garden Lesson Outlines

Thank you to Lance Longmire, Third Grade teacher at Prospect Point and Whitman College interns Dana Bialek, Robin Lewis and Carrie Reinhart (Whitman '10) for developing these lessons that correspond with the new Washington State Learning Standards in Science and Math.


Kindergarten Math- Using Plant Starts 

Kindergarten Science- Part/Whole Relationships

First Grade

First Grade Math- Track the Growth of Plants

First Grade Science- Identify Edible Plants

Second Grade

Second Grade Math- Garden Picture Graph   

Second Grade Science- Plant Parts and Functions

Third Grade

Third Grade Math- How many lettuces fit in the back of a pick-up truck?   

Third Grade Math- Nutrition Labels          

Third Grade Math- Garden Fractions     

Third Grade Science- Soil Composition

Third Grade Science- Seed Germination

Third Grade Science- Properties of Different Plants

Third Grade Science- Acid Rain and Plants

Acid Rain PowerPoint

Soils PowerPoint

Seeds and Plants PowerPoint

Fourth and Fifth Grade

Fourth and Fifth Grade Science- Food Web Activity

Fourth and Fifth Grade Science- Systems and Outputs Part 1

Fourth and Fifth Grade Science- Systems and Outputs Part 2

Fourth and Fifth Grade Science- Systems and Outputs Part 3

Fourth and Fifth Grade Science- Erosion

Fourth Grade Math- Data Sets

Fifth Grade Math- Division with Seeds

Fifth Grade Math- Line Graphs

Sharpstein Elementary School 

2010-2011 Sharpstein Garden Curriculum  

Thank you to Beth Thiel, garden coordinator and parent volunteer and Emily Dietzman of Welcome Table Farms for  developing the outline and descriptions of these lessons.  These lessons are often evolving and embellished by the presenters (usually parent volunteers), so check back soon for more updated resources!