Science Outreach

Inspiring Walla Walla Valley teachers and students to explore science.

Science Outreach at Whitman College has been a long standing tradition that became formalized in the fall of 2009 with a four year grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  This grant supported the formation of a Sceince Outreach Coordinator, professional development for middle school science teachers and student mentoring.  Whitman continues to support this program which has grown and changed over the years and consists now of four main components.

Advance Studies Enrichment Program (ASE)

Whitman science and math students are offering AP study sessions in the Hall of Science atrium on the Whitman campus for Walla Walla Valley AP students.   Each Monday and Wednesday from 7-8:30 in the Science Hall Atrium and Room 146 there will be Whitman students available to discuss topics, go over problem sets, dig deeper into the subjects, and answer questions.   The opportunity is open to all students enrolled in AP Science and Math classes in Walla Walla Valley Schools, including AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Environmental Science and AP Calculus.  We will provide study snacks, prizes for attendance, and a great study environment.  This program is funded by a generous grant from Pacific Power.

Science Fair

The Science Fair is held each spring on the Whitman campus.  This year, we are inviting any student in grades 6-9 to participate.  We are challenging the students to ask questions in areas that they find interesting.  The judges will be looking for students who have tried to answer those questions.  Will it be necessary to have an answer? No, not necessarily.  Sometimes in science, you start with a question and end up with more questions at the end of your investigation because of what you learned along the way.  This is the nature of scientific research.  Click here for more information: Science Fair Info.

Classroom Programs

We offer programs which support the curriculum of the Walla Walla Valley schools including access to the planetarium, field trips to Whitman science labs and classroom visits from faculty, staff and students.  Please contact Heidi Chapin for more information.

Summer Institute for Teachers

Each summer we offer a summer institute for teachers where we focus on a specific topic.  Included in the institute are field trips, lab experiments and time to collaborate with other teachers.  This opportunity is open to all Walla Walla Valley Middle and High School teachers.  For more information click here Summer Institute.

To learn more about the history of our program you can read from our archive of Newletters.

For more information about our Science Outreach Programs, contact:

Heidi Chapin
Science Outreach Coordinator
Hall of Science, Room 172
(509) 522-4441