Clinic Description:  

To sign up for a clinic either email or sign up at the climbing center!

Basics Clinics 
This two-hour clinic teaches the basics of toprope climbing and belaying including safety checks, tying in with the figure-8 follow-through knot, and climbing commands. (No experience necessary)  

Basics Clinics: New clinics coming soon

Lead Clinics 
This clinic consists of two sessions of three hours each and teaches the basics of lead climbing and belaying. (You must have already passed the toprope climb/belay proficiency test to take this clinic)

Lead Clinics: New clinics coming soon 

Specialty Clinics

Generally offered once per semester, the following specialty clinics offer instruction on a variety of climbing topics:

  • GriGri
  • Crack Climbing
  • Movement
  • Rappelling
  • Belay take-over & pick-off 

Route Setter Clinic: 
Crack Climbing Clinic: 
Movement Clinic: