Climbing Center

2014-2015 Semester hours

2014-2015 Semester Hours
Monday-Thursday 4-10pm
Friday-Sunday 2-6pm

Clinics Sign Up

Come to the climbing center to sign up!



Start End
9/10 6:30 8:30pm
9/15 6:30 8:30pm
9/24 6:30 8:30pm
9/29 6:30 8:30pm
10/8 6:30 8:30pm
10/27 6:30 8:30pm
11/12 6:30 8:30pm
12/1 6:30 8:30pm


Start End
Part I 9/23/14 7:00-10PM Part II 9/25/14 7:00-10PM
Part I 10/28/14 7:00-10PM Part II 10/29/14 7:00-10PM
Part I 11/18/14 7:00-10PM Part II 11/19/14 7:00-10PM


Start End Activity
Wed 9/17/14 5:00PM 7pm Route Setting Clinic
Tues 9/23/14 5:30PM 7pm Gri Gri Clinic
Mon 9/29/14 5:30PM 7pm Movement Clinic
Wed 10/1/14 5:30PM 7pm Crack Clinic
Wed 10/15/14 5:00PM 7pm Route Setting Clinic
Tues 10/21/14 5:30PM 7pm gri Gri Clinic
Mon 10/27/14 5:30PM 7PM movement Clinic
Wed 10/29/14 5:30PM 7PM crack Clinic
Wed 11/19/14 5:00PM 7PM Route Setting Clinic

Outside Climbing Day Trips (open to all ages)



About the Climbing Wall

The indoor climbing wall offers a wide variety of routes and climb types. Brien Sheedy, the Outdoor Program director and a mountain climber who has scaled the Seven Summits, helped design the facility. He rates it as one of the most innovative walls in the nation and believes it offers something for all levels of climbing and climbing instruction.

The climbing wall, comprising hundreds of imprint and free-form panels, has a total climbable surface of about 7,000 square feet. The main wall is 104 feet long and 39.24 feet at its highest point. An outer wall of windows allows for natural lighting while providing climbers with protection against ultraviolet sunlight.


Climbing Center Orientation Video 

Sweet Onion Crank 2013 Video Click Here!


The Climbing Center is located on the corner of Park and Boyer Ave, across from Reid Campus Center. 47 Park Avenue. Located on South side of Sherwood Athletic Center. Must be accessed from SE door. DO NOT GO THROUGH SHERWOOD.

Contact Us

Call the Wall: (509) 527-5223
Call the director: (509) 386-4375

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