Want to Debate?

To debate at Whitman means you not only will be a member of a perennial national championship team but also that you will attend a premiere, national liberal arts college known for its collaborative and supportive environment and its academic rigor.

Whitman offers a comprehensive intramural and interscholastic program of competitive debate. On campus, we host the Dovell-Gose Oratory Contest and Intramural Debate Contest. Both activities involve students who are interested in improving their speaking skills and communication about contemporary issues. Interscholastically, we offer competition in Policy debate and Parliamentary debate plus Speaking Events (Extemp, Impromptu, Persuasive, Informative, and After Dinner Speaking). Through all of these events, our program emphasizes public policy argumentation. We travel in the Northwest, the West Coast and throughout the country at national circuit tournaments.

The comprehensive focus of our squad matches the high quality liberal arts education of Whitman College: Excellence in a well-rounded program of study.

Contact: debate@whitman.edu