"The Arena"

In late September 2012, the Westies participated in a multi-media crash course led by Brooke Williams of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and Sarah Koenigsberg of Tensegrity Productions.  The objective was two-fold: to learn about the diverse stakeholder opinions on how the Greater Canyonlands area ought be managed, and also to learn how various forms of digital media can be utilized to tell a story.

The students divided into four groups to tackle a variety of bite-sized media projects, each group exploring the perspective of a different stakeholder group.  Those projects can be viewed here.  At the end of the semester, back on campus, most of the Westies produced a podcast for their final project.  But three students, Sam Hinkle, Cathryn Klusmeier, and Chase Martin, opted to dig in to the Canyonlands footage and put together The Arena for their final project instead.  Enjoy a taste of the Greater Canyonlands!