Canyonlands Multi-Media Projects

In late September, 2012, the Westies participated in a collaborative multi-media storytelling crash course led by Brooke Williams of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and Sarah Koenigsberg of Tensegrity Productions.  The objective was two-fold: to learn about the diverse stakeholder opinions on how the Greater Canyonlands area ought be managed, and also to learn how various forms of digital media are best suited to tell different types of stories.  

The students were divided into four groups, with each group assuming responsibility for researching and sharing the perspective of one of four stakeholder groups: the tourism/recreation perspective, the working landscapes ranching perspective, the local Native American tribal perspective, and the local community/economic perspective.  Within each group each student assumed one of five crew positions: director, writer, cinematographer/photographer, audio recorder, and video editor.  In just six days each group scoured the Greater Canyonlands area - introducing themselves to new people, conducting interviews, and scheduling video and photography shoots - and produced four bite-sized multi-media projects.   Click on the groups below to watch their works.

tourism perspective

Tourism / Recreation Perspective

director: Keenan Hilton
writer: Libby Fones
cinematographer/photographers: Chase Martin and Kari Paustian
audio recorder: Marijke Wijnen
video editor: Grayson Carlile

ranching perspective

Working Landscape / Ranching Perspective

director: Aviva Prager
writer: Eric Niehaus
cinematographer/photographer: Molly Simonson
audio recorder: Katie Hardy
video editor: Cathryn Klusmeier


native perspective

Local Native American / Tribal Perspective

director: Claire Meints
writer: Claire Martini
cinematographer/photographer: Molly Hayes
audio recorder: Neve Baker
video editor: Sam Hinkle

community perspective

Local Community / Economic Perspective

director: Collin Smith
writer: Jenni Doering
cinematographer/photographers: Allison Bolgiano and Ysa Diaz
audio recorder: Oliver Wood
video editor: Molly Esteve