Camp Guests

October 24-28
Bosque del Apache, NM; El Coronado Ranch, AZ

Isabel ArbetanIsa Arbetan

Daughter of guest professor of ecology Paul Arbetan

September 10: Carbondale, CO


Katie FalesKatie Fales

2010 Westie, host of the Snowmass Falls Ranch near Aspen, CO

September 8: Fales Ranch, Snowmass, CO

The Hinkle FamilySam Hinkle with parents Lani and Jim Hinkle

The Martin FamilyChase Martin with parents Mike and Pat, and sister Season

The Simonson FamilyMolly Simonson with Parents Lee Ann and Rick,
and dogs Cutler and Olive

Libby and TylerLibby Fones with Tyler Harris

August 23: Johnston Wilderness Campus, OR

Peter HarveyPeter Harvey

As treasurer and CFO of Whitman College, Peter Harvey has long been a supporter of Semester in the West. He has come up to the Johnston Wilderness Campus to see the Westies off on every SITW program since it began in 2002.