Sports Studies, Recreation and Athletics Courses

Outdoor Skills Activities

SSRA 137    Beginning Indoor Rock Climbing [spring 2013 syllabus]
SSRA 138    Beginning Rock Climbing [spring 2013 syllabus]
SSRA 140    Beginning Kayaking [spring 2013 syllabus]
SSRA 142    Wilderness Skills
SSRA 226    Glacier Mountaineering [spring 2012 syllabus]
SSRA 237    Intermediate Rock Climbing [spring 2013 syllabus]
SSRA 238    Intermediate Rock Climbing [spring 2013 syllabus]
SSRA 2XX   Intermediate Kayaking [spring 2013 syllabus]
SSRA 247    Advanced Kayaking [fall 2008 syllabus]

Winter Sports

SSRA 115    Telemark Skiing [spring 2007 syllabus]

Advanced Outdoor Skills & Leadership

SSRA 242    Wilderness First Responder
SSRA 248    Climbing Wall Instructor [fall 2012 syllabus]
SSRA 332    River Guide Leadership [spring 2013 syllabus]
SSRA 334    Sea Kayaking Guide Leadership [fall 2012 syllabus]
SSRA 338    Improvised Rock Rescue Systems [fall 2011 syllabus]
SSRA 342    Wilderness Expedition (Rotating Expedition)
SSRA 380    Outdoor Leadership [spring 2013 syllabus]
SSRA 387    Advanced Climbing Systems and Site Management [spring 2013 syllabus]

A fundamental part of any Outdoor Course is getting the opportunity to practice and learn skills while on trips in the outdoors, a list of such trips can be found here.

Whitman College Outdoor Program is an equal opportunity provider, open to students, and community members.

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