Scrambler Resources

Hey Scramblers! More information about your individual trips is mailed to the address you provided on your Scramble registration forms in early July. Below are links to tell us your travel plans, and links to download forms you may have misplaced and still need!

Looking for the Travel Plans Google Form? 

The form is available HERE. Please fill out and submit this form to inform us of your travel plans into Walla Walla! If you are arriving by car, plan on being at Reid Campus Center by 1pm on the start date of your Scramble. If you are flying into the Walla Walla airport or arriving at the Walla Walla airport on the Grape Line Shuttle, your Scramble leaders will pick you up. 

Looking for forms? 

Links to all necessary forms are available below. 

Equipment Rental Form  * If you are reserving equipment from the OP, this is the form to download, print, fill out and mail in to us! 

Rental Shop Retail Prices

2014 Scrambles Registration Form

Health & Diet Questionnaire (this form was blue in the May orientation mailing) 

Liability Waiver (this form was yellow in the May orientation mailing) 

Looking for gear lists? (Also included in the mid-summer mailing, which you should receive in early July.) 

Backpacking Gear

Backpacking/Canoeing Gear

Climbing Gear

Whitewater Gear

Sea Kayaking Gear

Looking for the Scramble Coordinator welcome letter or the Scramble Leader letters? (part of the mid-summer mailing)

Coordinator Letter

#1 Strawberry Jubilee mid-summer letter

#2 Strawberry Sweetness mid-summer letter

#3 Rosstafarian Adventure mid-summer letter

#4 A Rossin' and a Rollin' mid-summer letter

#5 San Juan Wanderers mid-summer letter

#6 Outrageous Orcas Orbiters mid-summer letter

#7 Jonesin' for Jellies mid-summer letter

#8 Seaside Swag mid-summer letter

#9 Tidal Trekking mid-summer letter

#10 Glacial Glow mid-summer letter

#11 Glacier Greatness mid-summer letter

#12 Crossing the Cascades mid-summer letter

#13 Sacajawea Scavengers mid-summer letter

#14 Face the Hurricane mid-summer letter

#15 Smith Family Robinson mid-summer letter

#16 School of Hard Rocks mid-summer letter

#17 Bodaciously Bouncing Boating mid-summer letter

#18 Slammin' Salmon mid-summer letter

#19 Elkhorn Service Extravaganza mid-summer letter

#20 Epic Elkhorn Escape mid-summer letter