Forms and Registration Info

The registrar’s office handles all Whitman student registrations for the WFR and WFA classes. Whitman students can register any time during the semester for WFR courses (SSRA 242a and SSRA 242b) with Stacey Giusti in the registrars office. These classes fill up early so it is recommended to register in October or November for the January WFR course. There are two spaces available in the January and March WFR courses for non-students.  Registration for the WFR recert course is handled by the Outdoor Program Rental Shop and happens on a first come first serve basis.  509-527-5965.

January WFR

WFR January 2015
WFR Agreement

February WFR-Recert

WFR Recertification 2015
WFR Agreement

March WFR

WFR March 2015
WFR Agreement