von Humboldt (German Chancellor) Fellowship


    National deadline: September 15, 2014 (for U.S. applicants )

    Eligibility requirements:

    1. Citizenship of the U.S., the Russian Federation or the People’s Republic of China;
    2. Bachelor or comparable academic degree, completed less than twelve years prior to the start date of the fellowship (September 1st of the year following the application)
    3. Project plan (approx. 5 pages) detailing the project’s subject matter, goals and a time plan; the candidate must draw up the project plan independently and secure the support of the proposed mentor before submitting an application. 
    4. A detailed host's statement, including a confirmation of support.
    5. Two or three expert opinions from individuals qualified to comment on the candidate's professional, personal, and/or academic.
    6. Either English or German language skills.
    7. Demonstrated leadership potential; applicants whose background is largely academic should also have gained some leadership experience beyond their own research activities.

    Note: Applicants who have spent more than six months outside of their home countries at the time of, or shortly before, application should contact the Humboldt Foundation (info@avh.de) in advance to ascertain whether they may be ineligible to apply on formal grounds.    

    Award summary and conditions:  The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) awards up to ten German Chancellor Fellowships annually to young, prospective leaders from the USA, the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China with funds made available by the German Federal Foreign Office. The fellows must have shown outstanding potential for future leadership in their previous careers. The program is established under the patronage of the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany and addresses applicants from all professions and fields of study giving preference to the humanities, law, social and economic sciences. The aim of the program is to give young leaders from the countries mentioned above the opportunity to spend an extended period of time in Germany at an early stage in their careers. After returning to their careers in their home countries, they have the potential to become – because of their intensive experiences in Germany – intermediaries between their home countries and Germany as they assume important positions in the fields of economy, science, politics and society.

    Applicants design individual research-related projects tailored to their professional development and goals. Before submitting an application, they must establish contact with a prospective host (mentor), who agrees to supervise them during the stay in Germany. The fellowship stipend ranges from EUR 2,150 to EUR 2,750 per month (in exceptional cases up to EUR 3,650 per month). This includes a mobility lump sum and a contribution towards health and liability insurance.

    For fellows with little or no German language skills the stay in Germany begins with a mandatory four-month intensive language course from May through August. The fellowship is awarded for twelve months and commences in September with a four-week introductory seminar in Bonn and Berlin, followed by the individual project work starting in October. During the spring, the fellows take part in a two-week study tour through Germany. Other events within the framework of the Fellowship include participation in the Humboldt Foundation's annual meeting, a reception by the Federal President, and the concluding seminar in Berlin with a reception at the Federal Chancellery.

    If rejected, it is possible to re-apply. The new application should, however, differ significantly from the original, rejected application. Generally, a new application makes sense only after you have entered a new phase of your professional development. Submitting a new application that differs little or not at all from the rejected original may result in a formal rejection of the new application.

    Fellowship extensions of up to three months are possible. Additional benefits:
    •    an allowance for research costs to the host institution amounting to 500 EUR per month;
    •    language fellowship for a one to four-months intensive language course in Germany before the fellowship commences (language skills can also be improved at the Humboldt Foundation’s expense after the fellowship has been awarded in the fellow’s home country).
    •    lump sum for the fellow’s return travel expenses if the costs are not borne by a third party;
    •    family allowances for visits by family members lasting at least three months (up to 326 EUR per month for the marital partner and up to 234 EUR per month for each child);
    •    extensive alumni sponsorship once a successful research stay has come to an end, especially for maintaining contact with collaborative partners in Germany during the alumni’s entire professional career.

    Application process:  Online application: http://www.humboldt-foundation.de/web/pub_register.main?p_lang=en&p_package=buka
    Application materials:

    •    Completed online application form
    •    Curriculum vitae, Including, if applicable list of publications/lectures (4 page max.)
    •    Project Plan (approximately 5 pages)
    •    Three expert reviews (letters of recommendation) Due to time constraints, we recommend that expert references be sent directly to the Humboldt Foundation. It is possible, however, to submit the references in a sealed envelope along with the application documents. Please ask your reviewers to use the form for expert reviewers. References should not be more than six months old at the time of application.
    •    Host’s statement and confirmation of support
    •    Certificate of first academic degree and further degrees
    •    Transcript (s)
    •    German or English language certificate

    From the above list applicants must upload the following documents in order to submit the application:
    a) Completed online application form
    b) Curriculum vitae, including, if applicable, list of publications/lectures (max. 4 pages)
    c) Project plan (approx. 5 pages)
    The proposed host must send the following document by the closing date for applications to the Humboldt Foundation by email, post or fax (see below):
    d) Host's statement including confirmation of support
    Applicants should upload the following documents using the online application form but may also send them by email, post or fax to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (see below):
    f) Certificate of your first academic degree and, if applicable, further degrees, including certified translations
    g) Transcripts (of grades) for courses attended
    h) German or English language certificate
    e) The expert reviews may either be uploaded by the applicant or be sent to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation by email, post or fax by the expert reviewers themselves (see below).

    Contact information:
    Email: info@avh.de
    Postal address: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
    Selection Department Jean-Paul-Str. 12,
    53173 Bonn, Germany
    Fax: +49-228-833212

    Faculty representative:  Keith Raether
    National committee interview:  

    Selection process:
    For additional information on the fellowship, application and selection process see: http://www.humboldt-foundation.de/pls/web/docs/F29497/programme_information.pdf

    Contact information: