Princeton in Latin America

National deadline:  November 3, 2014, 11:59 EST - receipt of of electronic application

Mission Statement:  Princeton in Latin America (PiLA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, affiliated with but not funded by Princeton University. PiLA partners with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community, government and multilateral organizations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean to match them with highly qualified recent college graduates who take up full-year service fellowships in development work. PiLA fellowships offer formative field experience to those interested in working with community oriented organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean and those who are eager to pursue careers in international development.

Costs:  PiLA fellowships are paid positions.  Fellows will receive a monthly stipend, either from PiLA or
the partner organization, or a combination of the two, to cover daily living expenses: housing,
food, and local transportation.  In a few instances, you may be asked to do some of your own
fundraising.  Applicants and selected fellows should be prepared to assume the following costs:

  • Application fee: $100.00
  • Fellowships placements:  $500.00
  • For off-campus applicants: transportation expenses for trip to Princeton in February (interviews) and late May (orientation).
  • Pre-departure health expenses and health insurance ($300 to $500)
  • Visa application fees
  • Round-trip airfare to Latin America

Upon selection for a fellowship, the PiLA home office will work with the fellow to arrange
student loan deferrals, health insurance, and to obtain any necessary visas.  


  • Graduating seniors
  • Young alumni (class of 2009 forward)
  • U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents or holders of valid U.S. student visas
  • For most positions, some knowledge of the local language (Spanish, Portuguese, or French) is necessary. In addition, applicants who feel that they might need to strengthen their language skills may indicate that they plan on taking language classes prior to starting their fellowship. Please note that while we do not reject applicants who have little Spanish, our program, because of the work you will be doing, emphasizes solid language skills. However, our new teaching positions do not require fluency; you should make note of your interest in those on the applications forms.

Application process:  electronic
Application information:
Due to the volume of applications, and the short turnaround time for interviews:
(1) Do not have transcripts sent to PiLA. Instead, in the "Applicant Information" section, make a color scan of your official transcript, save in PDF FORMAT ONLY, and upload it. Only finalists will be asked to provide an official copy of their transcripts.
(2) Please inform your two recommenders that they must complete the required recommendation questionnaire and submit all recommendation letters online. Hard-copy recommendations submitted by mail cannot be processed.

  • Academic or Professional Recommendation: The writer must fill out the online recommendation form and then either paste the text of their letter under "Additional comments" or upload a prepared letter (PDF format) by clicking on the yellow file folder icon.
  • Language Proficiency Recommendation: Same instructions as for the Academic Recommendation.

(3) Application essays and CVs must be submitted by entering the text into the rich-text format screen, or, if you choose to upload files, they must be in PDF FORMAT ONLY. Otherwise, PiLA's reviewers will not be able to read your materials.

For online application and answers go to:

Faculty representative:  Keith Raether

Placement information: Finalists emerge through the interview process, and based on their interests, experience and skills, they are invited to select up to three preferred partner organizations, where their dossiers are forwarded. Then interviews ensue between finalists and the partner organizations, which make final selections and offers, based on their needs for the coming year. It is important to appreciate that being named a PiLA finalist does not guarantee placement, as final decisions are made by PiLA's partner organizations.

Placements may be finalized any time between early March and late spring, depending on the partner organization. When finalists receive an offer, they have 72 hours to accept or decline; they reserve their placement by submitting a non-refundable placement fee of US$500.   If an offer is declined, PiLA maintains a waitlist and seeks to fill every available placement. PiLA Fellows begin their field placements any time from graduation through September, as negotiated with the placement organization at the time of the offer.

Contact:           Princeton in Latin America (PiLA)
                        194 Nassau Street, Suite 210
                        Princeton, NJ 08542-7003 USA
                        T: 609.258.9200 | F: 609.269.2173
                        Skype: Princeton-PiLA