Davis Projects for Peace


Internal deadline:  TBA - Probably January 26, 2015
National deadline: 
February 13, 2015


  • All undergraduates
  • Individuals or groups

Award summary and conditions:  Davis Projects for Peace is an invitation to undergraduates to design grassroots projects that they will implement during the summer of 2015. Projects judged to be the most promising and feasible will be funded at $10,000 each. Projects should reflect applicants' ideas for building peace.

Hard copy application process:  Hard copy submission to the Office of Fellowships and Grants by internal deadline.  The applications of the recipient and the alternate will be forwarded electronically to the Davis Scholars Office.

Application materials:

  • written statement (not to exceed two pages, single-spaced) that describes the project (who, what, where, how), including expected outcomes and prospects for future impact. 
  • proposals should include statements of approval from all parties and organizations involved in the project. 
  • budget (one page). 
  • transcript for each participant. 
  • for each participant (or applicant) in a group proposal, one letter of recommendation and contact information for a second recommender.

Faculty Representative: Keith Raether

Internal interview: Yes
Internal nomination required: Yes, Whitman may select one nominee and one alternate

National committee interview: No

Selection process: Applicants must submit all materials to the Office of Fellowships and Grants by the internal deadline. An internal (Whitman) committee will review all proposals and conduct interviews. One recipient and one alternate will be chosen by the committee. Final review and approval of all recommended proposals rests solely with the Davis UWC Scholars Program. Project funds will be sent by Davis to each school for distribution to grant recipients. Grants are made upon assurance that the project proposed will be undertaken during the summer of 2015.  The intention is to fund 100 projects, with at least one at each of the Davis UWC Scholar schools.

Announcement date of final decisions by Davis UWC Scholars Program:  March 16, 2015

Contact information: http://www.davisprojectsforpeace.org/