Rhetoric Graduate Programs

Adam Symonds completed a Rhetoric minor, English minor, and Politics major. A dedicated member of the forensics team, he now teaches at Arizona State University having completed a Ph.D. in Rhetoric from the University of Southern California's Annenberg School.

 Rhetoric Graduate Programs

Most rhetoric graduate programs are part of larger communication studies programs.

At some schools, rhetoric programs are more English/Literature oriented. At others such as U Wisconsin Madison and somewhat UC Berkeley, they are more like the one at Whitman College with a focus on public advocacy and social exchange.

Arizona State U Human Communication School

Colorado State Communication Studies

Northwestern School of Communication

Penn State Annenberg School for Communication

San Diego State Communication Studies

UC Berkeley Rhetoric Program

U Illinois Communication Department

U Kansas Communication Studies

U Minnesota Communication Studies

U Pittsburgh Communication Studies

U South Carolina Speech and Rhetoric Program

U Southern California Annenberg School of Communication

U Texas Communication Studies

U Washington Dept. of Communication

U Wisconsin Madison Rhetoric Program

Wake Forest U Communication Department

Wayne State U Communication Studies


Additional Rhetoric Grad Programs