Why Major in Rhetoric?

You get to choose what you want to study: the internet, a great speaker, a court decision, a social movement, discourse theory-as long as you are studying the communication aspect of your subject, you have the foundation for your studies in rhetoric.

Rhetoric Studies majors choose their own path focusing on the study of rhetoric in which they find interest. Majors take our junior seminar which provides an excellent foundation for examining communication from a variety of rhetorical lens. Students then complete theses in the fall of their senior year. Theses have examined politically incorrect humor, the Catcher in the Rye, 24 and post 9/11 terrorism discourse, gay rights Supreme Court opinions, environmental movement rhetoric, hip hop and social justice movements, and the French Muslim veil controversy.

Join our program. See why some of our majors joined our program below.

Satinder HaerSatinder Haer

Rhetoric provides diversity. It allows me to study topics in many different fields through a variety of rhetorical lenses. It is also a great major for increasing critical thinking ability, which will be extremely helpful in law school.

Zach JohnstonZach Johnston

I am interested in Rhetoric Studies due to its interdisciplinary nature and practical application to all aspects of life. I have been given the privilege to study political speeches, Egyptian football riots, post-structuralist thinkers, and a wide variety of artifacts.

Emma NyeEmma Nye

Emma likes the fact that rhetoric is applicable in many disciplines, counterpublic theory, and examining graffiti and social movements.

Paige JokiPaige Joki

I like rhetoric studies because they help me critically encounter the media and texts I encounter on a daily basis. I have been able to use the foundation that I received in rhetoric as a lens to view other areas of study I am interested in such as sociology and politics. Most of all I have enjoyed learning about the ways that rhetoric can challenge social beliefs that justify the mistreatment of groups of people.

Zac ParkerZac Parker

I am interested in rhetoric studies because I want to learn about and dissect what makes a speaker, writer, and artifact persuasive.  This examination is fascinating to me because it poses the opportunity to delve into the symbolic relationships in the communication which surrounds my everyday existence.