Professor Rogers Miles

Professor Roger Miles
Sr. Adjunct Assistant Professor of Religion & General Studies
Olin Hall 151
Curriculum Vitae

I am a historian of Christianity with a concentration in the history of American Religion. I teach a two-semester survey of religion in America as well as the introductory course in the study of religion. Given the diversity that marks the American religious scene, it should come as no surprise that my interests are wide ranging. Since the time of my Ph.D. dissertation, I have been particularly interested in the way that the issue of science and religion has played itself out in American politics and society. As a transplanted Easterner, I have tried to view the history of religion in America through the lens provided by the Pacific Northwest. Every other spring I teach a field studies course that attempts to make sense of the welter of religions groups (their history, theology, and sociology) that make up the religious scene of Walla Walla and the Columbian Plateau.

Curriculum Vitæ