Faculty and Staff

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Barry Balof Barry Balof
Office: Olin 236
Phone: 509.527.5152

Research Interests:
Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Mathematical Psychology


Russ Gordon Russ Gordon
Office: Olin 235
Phone: 509.527.5490
Research Interests: Real Analysis


David Guichard David Guichard
Office: Olin 238
Phone: 509.527.5842
Research Interests: Graph Theory


Doug Hundley Douglas Hundley
Office: Olin 234
Phone: 509.527.5151
Research Interests:
Low Dimensional Representations, Machine Learning,
Brain to Computer Interface (BCI)


Pat KeefPat Keef
(Department Chair)
Office: Olin 244
Phone: 509.527.5940 
Research Interests: Group Theory


Kelly McConville Kelly McConville
Office: Olin 242
Phone: 509.527.5391
Research Interests: Statistics


Albert Schueller Albert Schueller
Office: Olin 240
Phone: 509.527.5140
Research Interests: Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations, Mathematics demonstrations in Java, Parallel computation, Inverse eigenvalue problems.


Jim Cotts Jim Cotts
Years Teaching at Whitman: 2003-2011


Retired or Emeritus Faculty

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Laura Schueller Laura Schueller
Years Teaching at Whitman: 1996--2010
On leave


Bob Fontenot Bob Fontenot
Phone: 509.527.5759
Years Teaching at Whitman: 1975--2009


Larry Anderson Larry Anderson
Years at Whitman: 1968--2008


Doug Underwood Douglas Underwood
Years at Whitman: 1958--1998


Richard Thomassen Richard Thomassen
Years at Whitman: 1967--1996


Victor KeiserVictor Keiser
Years at Whitman: 1966--1992


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