Politics - Environmental Studies

Oil Well

You're eager to understand the complex nature of power in the world we live in and the ability of a society to make the essential decisions that impact our lives in ways both large and small. And you'd like to use that knowledge to be part of the solution for some of the most pressing environmental concerns of our times. The combined Politics - Environmental Studies major at Whitman was designed just for students like you.

Acquire the interdisciplinary perspective as well as the multifaceted intellectual tools - of critical thinking and reasoning, logical analyses and interpretation, and effective and persuasive communication - you need to be an effective environmental citizen and leader through an innovative curriculum and programs such as Whitman's Semester in the West.

Choose from a wide array of high-quality courses designed to familiarize you with key concepts in the study of politics using environmental issues as illustrations - from the geopolitics of food-aid and trade, to the political ecology of obesity in the U.S., to the causes of famine in Africa.

Interact closely with professors who know you by name, welcome your unique perspectives and viewpoints, and encourage you to collaborate with them on scholarly activity, independent study projects, and field research projects in the region, across the nation, and around the world.

Be part of an environmentally principled college community that takes pride in connecting to the natural world in powerful ways - through its location in the eco-friendly Pacific Northwest; through such nationally recognized academic and extracurricular programs as Semester in the West and the Outdoor Program; as well as through its commitment to campus recycling, composting and the use of ecological friendly material.