Pre-Modern Period Classes

Regularly offered course which fulfill the requirement
(most of these classes are offered every other year or every third year)

109: East Asian History to 1600
127: Islamic Civilization I: The Early and Medieval Islamic World
180: Cities and Empires: An Introduction to the Ancient World
181: Europe Transformed, c. 300-1400
202: European Intellectual History, 386-1300
207: European Intellectual History, 1300-1650
218: Africa to 1885
225: Ancient Mediterranean -- Near East
226: Ancient Mediterranean -- Greece
227: Ancient Mediterranean -- Rome
228: The Byzantine Empire and the Medieval Mediterranean
237: The Making of England: From Roman Britain to the War of the Roses
241: Early Japanese History
247: Early Chinese History
287: Colonial Latin America
309: Popular Culture in Europe, 1150-1650
320: Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Kingdoms
328: Rome and Judea
332: Cultural Encounters in Premodern Europe
393: Gender and Sexuality in the Middle Ages