Recent Student Research

Krista Garrett, Nutrient fluxes of a restored salt pond in San Francisco Bay

Matt Hanson, Precambrian Geology of Yellowstone National Park (YNP) and Surrounding Areas: Plutonic Rocks of the Slough Creek Area

Emily Johnson, Origin of Eocene Granitoids in Prince William Sound, Alaska

Matthew Morriss, Don't mess with Texas: a geologic field trip to the Trans-Pecos
                           Ancient rivers in Eastern Washington: a study of the 15-million-year-old Clearwater-Salmon River

Khoa Nguyen, Evolution of Morphometric Variation in Side-blotched Lizards (Uta stansburiana)

Liesl Olson, Geographical and geomorphological effects on air temperatures in the Columbia Basin's signature vineyards

Erica Pitcavage, Variations in soil chemistry of premier vineyards of the Columbia Basin, Washington: implications for terroir

Zach Schierl, Origin of sinuous channels on the southwest rift apron of Ascraeus Mons and the surrounding plains, Tharsis, Mars

Brad West, Paleobiologic interpretation of C, N, and O isotopes of Mammuthus primigenius tusks from Yakutia, Mainland Siberia

Past Student Research