French on Campus


The French section of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures and the students of the Maison française sponsor artistic and cultural events throughout the school year, including film festivals, lectures and performances. To be apprised of current events, we invite you to consult the Whitman events calendar, or subscribe to the frenchconnection listserv (below).

La Table Française

Every Friday of the semester, French students, teachers and the native speaker meet in the back room of Prentiss dining hall at noon to share conversation and lunch prepared by Whitman’s French chef, Christian Chemin. The French Table is an excellent way to improve your spoken French. 

A photography of the French interest house (La Maison Française). La Maison Française

Established in 1968, La Maison Française (The French House) has seven bedrooms and comfortably houses an average of eight to nine residents and one Resident Assistant. In addition to the student speakers, a native speaker also resides in La Maison Française. This student is a resident of France and spends the full academic year working through the French department to promote and assist students in the learning of French. More information...

The French Connection

The French department at Whitman maintains a listserv to publicize current events of interest to the French-speaking community at Whitman and in the Walla Walla valley. Films, lectures, performing arts events and gatherings sponsored by La Maison française are posted to the listserv as they come up, as well as the occasional news article of interest. The list is "private" which means that you must be subscribed before you can send a message to the list. Subscriptions are moderated; postings are not. Any subscriber may post an announcement to the list by sending email to Please follow polite network etiquette when posting.

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