2013 Summer Research Interns

2013 Summer Research Projects

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Summer Research Interns

McKenzie Momany  (BBMB major, 2014)
Project title: Quantity and Quality Control of RNA Samples Isolated from Foreskin,

Rectum and Colon Samples from  HIV Vaccine Trial Network Study
Lab mentor: Juliana McElrath and Maria Lemos (Vaccine and Infectious Diseases Division)

My research was part of a  cohort study in Lima Peru to evaluate the feasibility of measuring immune responses

and activation levels in the foreskin and rectosigmoid mucosa of HIV-negative, uncircumcised men who have sex

with men and who are at high risk for HIV acquisition.  RNA isolation from these tissues was used to try to

measure receptor levels in these mucosal surface compared to blood. 

M Momany


Nathan Radakovich (BBMB major, 2014)
Project title: Cataloging the Immune Response to an H-Y Antigen in Chronic Graft vs Host Disease
Lab mentor:  Edus Hootie Warren (Clinical Research Division)

My research focused on  chronic graft versus host disease (cGVHD) in recipients of allogeneic

hematopoietic stem cell and bone marrow transplants. More specifically I was  cataloging the diversity

of female cytotoxic CD8+ T cell responses to an antigen encoded by the Y chromosome in order to better

diagnose and understand the role of CD8+ cells in the progression of cGVHD, especially in female to male transplants.

N Radakovich N Radakovich