Charles F. (Chas) McKhann

Position: Professor (Ph.D. University of Chicago 1992)

Specialties: Anthropology and history, ethnicity, kinship and social organization, anthropology of religion; China, Tibeto-Burman peoples.

Curriculum Vitae

E-mail: mckhann@whitman.edu

Suzanne Morrissey

Position: Associate Professor (Ph.D. Syracuse University 2006)

Specialties: Medical Anthropology, Urban Studies, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Women’s Health, HIV/AIDS, Health Services Research, Program Evaluation Studies; North America.

Curriculum Vitae

E-mail: morrisse@whitman.edu

Jason Pribilsky

Position: Associate Professor (Ph.D. Syracuse University 2003)

Specialties: Ecuadorian and Peruvian Andes; Urban United States (New York City); medical anthropology; science studies; applied anthropology; history of anthropology; ethnographic methods; migration and transnationalism; indigenous identity and activism.

Curriculum Vitae

E-mail: pribiljc@whitman.edu

Gary O. RollefsonGary O. Rollefson

Position: Professor (Ph.D. University of Arizona 1978)

Specialties: Near Eastern prehistoric archeology, prehistoric religion; Jordan, Saudi Arabia.


The Late Neolithic colonization of the Eastern Badia of Jordan

Curriculum Vitae

E-mail: rollefgo@whitman.edu