Bill Bogard

Bill Bogard, Professor of SociologyBill Bogard Ph.D. Colorado State University 1986

Major areas of concentration: contemporary and classical theory, postmodern society and culture, sociology of everyday life, technology and social change. Other areas of interest include the sociology of art and music, mass media, and sociology of the body.

He is the author of The Simulation of Surveillance: Hyper Control in Telematic Societies (Cambridge University Press, 1996) and The Bhopal Tragedy: Language, Politics and Logic in the Production of a Hazard (Westview Press, 1989). Some of his recent publications include "Distraction and Digital Culture" (University of Toronto Press, 2008), "Empire of the Living Dead" (Mortality 13:2, 2008), "Coils of a Serpent" (Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory, 2007), and "Deleuze and Machines: A Politics of Technology?" (University of Edinbugh Press, 2008).

He is an avid jazz and blues fan and has played professionally for many years. He enjoys backpacking, biking, and cinema.

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