Professor Courtney Fitzsimmons

Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion
Olin Hall 153
Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., 2010, University of Chicago

Teaching Areas: Courses in Christianity and Judaism at Whitman. My teaching interests include the history of Christian and Jewish thought, interreligious dialogue, contemporary theological perspectives (feminist, liberation, and environmental theology), women and religion, philosophical and systematic theology as well as interdisciplinary courses.  This year I am teaching courses in 20th Century Religious Thought, Modern Jewish Thought and the Problem of Evil and Suffering.  Courses I am presently developing include Medieval Women Writers, Jewish Mysticism, Religious Love and Love of Religion, and a course devoted to the Book of Genesis and its interpretations in literature, art and film.  I have always wanted to teach at a small liberal arts college, so I am very excited to be at Whitman this year.  I really enjoy working with students, especially my first-years in Encounters!

Research interests: I have dual specialization in Modern Christianity and Judaism, and my research makes use of both these traditions in confronting theological questions. My research interests center on an interdisciplinary approach to constructive theology, which employs resources in and outside of theology to explore central theological concepts. My interests lie in the conversation between Christianity and Judaism, and I approach this conversation from both a historical and constructive viewpoint. My dissertation, "Loving God: Images of Love in Iris Murdoch and Franz Rosenzweig", is representative of both my research and teaching interests, as well as my approach to theology.  As is evident from its title, my project is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing on sources outside of Christian theology for a constructive theological project, and employs Murdoch and Rosenzweig to consider the concept of love as the primary category through which the human relationship to God is to be interpreted, exploring both the benefits and difficulties of this claim, and a methodology rooted in the interpretation of "images." My current research project is on the problem of evil, which I view as a companion project to the work I have done on love, and will consider this topic from both contemporary Christian and Jewish perspectives.

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