Curriculum Vitae

Paul Apostolidis
Judge & Mrs. Timothy A. Paul Chair of Political Science, Whitman College


116 Maxey Hall, Department of Politics, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA 99362
(509) 522-4426 (office) • (509) 526-5480 (home) • (509) 527-5026 (fax) •


Associate Professor, Dept. of Politics, Whitman College. Sept. 2003-present

  • Teaching: Courses on critical theory, cultural studies, democratic theory, race & racism, Latino politics, American political thought, religion & politics, US social policy, general studies of Western tradition
  • Community-Based Learning: Created ongoing undergraduate research program on The State of the State for Washington Latinos ( ). Built college partnerships with WA Latino leaders. Won nationally competitive Princeton University community-based research grant for Jan. 2008-Aug. 2010
  • Service: Chair, Politics Dept. July 2003 to June 2006; Faculty Policy Committee, elected member 2002-04 (Chair 2003-04); College General Studies Coordinator, 2006-07

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Politics, Whitman College. Sept. 1997-Aug. 2003

Visiting Assistant Professor, Cornell in Washington, Cornell University. 1996-97

Taught seminar on ethics & public policy and advised theses on US public policy


Cornell University, Dept. of Government. Ph.D. (1996); M.A. (1993)

  • Honors: Andrew D. White Fellowship, 1989-93.
  • Dissertation: Dialectic of Disillusionment: Adorno, American Decline, and the Christian Right. Nominated for two APSA awards for best dissertation.

Princeton University, Dept. of Politics. A.B. with Honors (1986)


  • Judge & Mrs. Timothy A. Paul Chair of Political Science, Whitman College, 2007-present
  • Paul Garrett Fellow, Whitman College, 2004-2007
  • G. Thomas Edwards Award for Scholarship and Teaching, Whitman College, 2006


Breaks in the Chain: Immigrant Workers’ Stories of Power in Late-Modern America. Manuscript in progress. Explores the conditions for immigrant workers to participate in radical-democratic social transformation by listening to their narratives about power. Formulates a Gramscian theory of the politics of narrative while critically re-crafting Foucauldian concepts of power in modern societies in light of the interview material. Focuses on interviews with Mexican immigrant meatpackers who struggled to democratize their union and their workplace. Argues that tensions within these stories positioned the workers in ambivalent ways vis-à-vis disciplinary and biopolitical power during illegal border-crossings, as undocumented US residents, and in the slaughterhouse. Contends further that these narrative features furnished key genealogical antecedents enabling the workers’ conceptions of their political struggles to elude the normalizing force of the law and the lure of identity politics.

Stations of the Cross: Adorno and Christian Right Radio. Duke University Press, 2000. Explores the relation between Christian Right popular culture and political-economic power in the US, based on a critical recovery of Theodor W. Adorno’s methods of cultural criticism. Reevaluates Adorno’s theory of the culture industry in light of his method of dialectical criticism and his writings on the US Christian Right. Argues that Christian Right narratives reflect, reinforce, and contest antidemocratic and class-polarizing trends in the welfare state, the electoral system, and the public sphere.


Public Affairs: Politics in the Age of Sex Scandals. Collection co-edited with Juliet Williams (U.C. Santa Barbara), Duke University Press, 2004. Essays use political sex scandals in the US as points of departure for discussing US political culture from various theoretical angles including feminism, liberalism, cultural studies, and democratic theory. Contains my essay “On the Dalliances of the Commander in Chief: Private Virtue and Political Leadership in Christian Right Narrative” as well as my coauthored introduction.


Journal Articles and Book Chapters

  • “Immigrant Workers, Animals, and Sovereignty in the Slaughterhouse.” Essay in progress for collection on political theory, the animal, and the human, ed. Judith Grant and Vince Jungkunz.
  • “Living Biopolitics: Sex Scandals and Immigration in the Bush Era.” Article in progress to be submitted to Theory & Event.
  • “Immigration, Liberal Legalism, and Radical Democracy in the US Labor Movement.” Forthcoming in 2009 in Historical Reflections/Reflexiones Historiques.
  • “From Reflective to Catalytic Genealogy: Immigrant Narratives, Racism, and Identity’s Contingency.” Theory & Event, Vol. 11, No. 3 (Fall 2008).
  • “Feminist Theory, Immigrant Workers’ Stories, and Counterhegemony in the United States Today.” Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, Vol. 33, No. 3 (Spring 2008): 545-68.
  • “Negative Dialectics and Inclusive Communication.” In Feminist Interpretations of Theodor Adorno, ed. Renee Heberle. Penn State University Press, 2006.
  • “Hegemony and Hamburger: Immigrant Narratives and Labor’s Challenge to Corporate-Led Globalization.” Political Research Quarterly, Vol. 58, No. 4 (Dec. 2005): 647-58.
  • “Scanning the ‘Stations of the Cross’: Christian Right Radio in Post-Fordist Society.” In The Radio Reader: Essays in the Cultural History of US Radio Broadcasting, ed. Michele Hilmes and Jason Loviglio. Routledge Press, 2001.
  • “Homosexuality and ‘Compassionate Conservatism’ in the Discourse of the Post-Reaganite Right.” Constellations, Vol. 8, No. 1 (March 2001): 78-105.
  • “Action or Distraction? Cultural Studies in the USA.” In Political Theory and Cultural Studies, ed. Jodi Dean. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2000.
  • “Culture Industry or Social Physiognomy? Adorno’s Critique of Christian Right Radio.” Philosophy & Social Criticism, Vol. 24, No. 5 (September 1998): 53-84.

Book Reviews

  • Beyond Gated Politics: Reflections for the Possibility of Democracy, by Romand Coles (University of Minnesota Press, 2005).” Political Theory (forthcoming).
  • “Monica, America, and the Politics of Cultural Studies.” Review of Our Monica, Ourselves: The Clinton Affair and the National Interest, ed. Lauren Berlant and Lisa Duggan, New York University Press, 2001. Theory & Event, Vol. 6, No. 4 (2003).
  • To Serve God and Mammon: Church-State Relations in American Politics, by Ted. G. Jelen (Westview Press, 2000).” American Political Science Review, Vol. 95, No. 3 (September 2001): 733-734.
  • “From Margin to Mainstream: Religious Schools v. Children’s Rights by James G. Dwyer (Cornell UP, 1998).” Education Review, September 1998. Co-author Jeanne Marie Morefield.


  • Best Dissertation for 2004 Award Committee: APSA, 2005. Evaluated nine dissertations.
  • Chair, Political Theory Section: Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Long Beach, CA, 2002. Organized the largest section of the conference, with thirty panels.
  • Peer Reviewer: Evaluated book manuscripts for Cornell Univ. Press, Duke Univ. Press, and Penn State Univ. Press. Reviewed articles for the journals Polity and Politics & Gender.
  • Editorial Board: Roman & Littlefield/Lexington Books, series on “Cultural Studies/Pedagogy/Activism.”
  • Tenure Review: Evaluated candidates for research university and liberal arts college positions.


  • “Sex Scandals and Immigration in the Bush Era.” Invited paper for conference on State of the Union: Marriage in the Shadow of Electoral Politics, University of California Los Angeles, Center for the Study of Women, Oct. 2008.
  • Roundtable Participant, “Sex Scandals in the Bush Era.” American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Boston, Aug. 2008.
  • Discussant for panel on “Walter Benjamin, Now Political.” APSA Annual Meeting, Boston, Aug. 2008.
  • “Legalist Activism and Worker Self-Organization: Immigrant Worker Protest Narratives in the Face of Discipline and Biopolitics.” Paper, Association for Law, Culture & the Humanities, Annual Meeting, Berkeley, Mar. 2008.
  • “Political Narratives, ‘Common Sense,’ and Counterhegemony in an Age of Mass Immigration.” Paper, APSA Annual Meeting, Chicago, Sep. 2007.
  • “Immigration and Critical Theory in Late Modernity: Narrative, Genealogy, and Counter-Hegemony.” Paper for conference on Becoming Plural: The Thought of William E. Connolly, Swansea University, Wales, UK, May 2007.
  • “They should treat you like a human being, not like an animal”: Immigration, Workers’ Rights, and Hegemonic Despotism in Meatpacking.” Paper, Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, Mar. 2007.
  • “Gramsci, the Critique of Hegemony, and the Contemporary Politics of Immigration.” Paper, Rethinking Marxism conference, Oct. 2006.
  • Roundtable Participant, “Author Meets Critics: Beyond Gated Politics by Romand Coles.” Midwestern Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, Apr. 2006.
  • Chair of panel on “Agonistic Democracy.” WPSA Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, Mar. 2006.
  • Discussant for panel on “Work and the Social Citizen.” WPSA 2006 Annual Meeting.
  • Roundtable Participant, “Reflections on the Ten-Year Anniversary of Wendy Brown’s States of Injury.” APSA Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, Sept. 2005.
  • “Critique, Narrative, Counter-Hegemony: What Critical Theory Can Learn from the Struggles of Immigrant Meatpackers.” Paper, APSA 2005 Annual Meeting.
  • “The Politics of Common Sense: Family Devotion and Immigrant Workers’ Struggles.” Paper, Colloquium on “Critical Theorizing Today: Social and Cultural Theory for the Present Crisis,” Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada, Oct. 2005
  • “Immigrant Worker Narratives and the Disciplines of Liberal Legalism.” Paper, International Conference on Philosophy and the Social Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic, May 2005.
  • La Lucha y La Casa (The Struggle and the Home): Neopolitics of the Labor Movement.” Paper, WPSA Annual Meeting, Oakland, CA, Mar. 2005.
  • Chair of panel on “Working Conditions.” WPSA 2005 Annual Meeting.
  • “Immigration, Liberal Legalism, and Radical Democracy in the US Labor Movement.” Paper, APSA Annual Meeting, Chicago, Sept. 2004.
  • “Immigration, Industrial Labor, and Hegemony: Gramsci’s Theory of Leadership in Critical Perspective.” Paper, APSA Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Aug. 2003.
  • “Inclusive Communication, Transnationalism, and the Labor Movement.” Paper, APSA 2003 Annual Meeting
  • “Hegemony and Hamburger.” Paper, WPSA Annual Meeting, Denver, Mar. 2003.
  • Discussant for panel on “Situating the Ethical.” WPSA 2003 Annual Meeting.
  • “Negative Dialectics and Inclusive Communication.” Paper, WPSA Annual Meeting, Long Beach, CA, Mar. 2002.
  • Chair of panel on “Motivating Democratic Deliberation.” Paper, WPSA 2002 Annual Meeting
  • “Public Affairs: The Politics of Sex Scandals.” Paper with coauthor Juliet Williams, WPSA Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, Mar. 2001.
  • “Gentrification and the Politics of Middle Class Identity in San Francisco’s Mission District.” Paper, APSA Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., Sept. 2000.
  • “The Dialectic of Enlightenment, Post-Fordism, and the Christian Right.” Paper, APSA 2000 Annual Meeting.
  • “Homosexuality and ‘Compassionate Conservatism’ in the Discourse of the Post-Reaganite Right.” Paper, WPSA Annual Meeting, San Jose, Mar. 2000.
  • Discussant for panel on “Political Theory and the State.” Pacific Northwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Eugene, OR, Oct. 1999.
  • “‘The Dalliances of the Commander in Chief:’ Private Virtue and Political Leadership in Christian Right Narrative.” Paper, WPSA annual meeting, Seattle, Mar. 1999.
  • Discussant for panel on “Morality and Faith in Democratic Communities.” APSA Annual Meeting, Boston, Sept. 1998.
  • “Binding and Unbinding: Homophobia, the Welfare State, and Christian Right Radio.” Paper, WPSA Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, Mar. 1998.
  • Discussant for panel on “Issues in Political Theory.” PNWPSA Annual Meeting, Coeur d’Alene, ID, Oct. 1997.
  • “Conspiracy Gone Public: The Dialectics of Christian Right Narrative.” Paper, APSA Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, Aug. 1997.
  • “Adorno, Gramsci, and the Politics of Cultural Criticism.” Paper, Northeastern Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Boston, Nov. 1996.
  • “Beyond the Liberal Critique of the Evangelical-Protestant Right.” Paper, APSA Annual Meeting, Chicago, Sept. 1995. Nominated for Best Paper in Religion and Politics.


Public Lectures

  • Keynote Speaker, Council on Undergraduate Research national conference, St. Joseph, MN. “Community-Based Research and the Public Work of Democracy.” 24 June 2008.
  • Invited Speaker, Carroll College, Helena, MT, Latin American Studies Program. “Genealogies of Immigrant Worker Protest: Stories from the Zone of Illegality.” Mar. 2008.
  • Featured Speaker, Puget Sound Occupational and Environmental Medicine Grand Rounds, Univ. of Washington. “Breaking the Chain: Immigrant Narratives and the Politics of Work-Related Injuries in Meatpacking.” Seattle, 5 Nov. 2007
  • Keynote Speaker, League of United Latin American Citizens, Washington State annual conference, Leavenworth, WA, May 2007
  • Midnight Special Bookstore, Santa Monica, CA. Lecture on Stations of the Cross. 24 Mar. 2002
  • Walla Walla College, Walla Walla, WA. Lecture on Stations of the Cross. 5 Feb. 2002
  • Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle, WA. Lecture on Stations of the Cross. 29 Nov. 2001

Media Interviews

  • The New York Times, other major city newspapers, Radio New Zealand, and radio stations in the US and Canada: interviewed and quoted discussing the Elliot Spitzer sex scandal, Apr. 2008.
  • BBC Radio, interviewed about the politics of US and British sex scandals, Apr. 2006
  • PBS Frontline, research consultant for broadcast on the US Christian Right, Mar. 2006
  • Berlin (Germany) Public Radio, interviewed about Mexican immigrant workers, critical theory, and radical democracy, 6 May 2005
  • Chicago Public Radio, roundtable guest for current events program Odyssey, discussion of “Popular Culture and Democracy,” 19 Apr. 2002
  • Los Angeles Public Radio, interviewed about Stations of the Cross for current events program, 2001

Op-Ed Essays

  • “Angels in the White House: The Christian Right in Campaign 2000 – Down, But Hardly Out.” The Seattle Times. Sunday, 21 November 1999.
  • “The Elephant and the Cross: The Christian Right and the Republican Party.” The Seattle Times. Sunday, 24 May 1998.
  • “Why ‘Fight the Right’ has Organized in Ithaca.” The Ithaca Journal. 23 October 1995.



  • Spanish, German, Modern Greek

Studies Abroad:

  • Instituto Chac-Mool, Cuernavaca, Mexico, Jun. 2003
  • Freie Universität and Goethe Institut, Berlin, Germany, Sept. 1993-Dec. 1993


  • Issues Director for Pennsylvania, Clinton-Gore ‘92. Aug.-Nov. 1992. Wrote briefings for candidates and surrogate speakers. Directed research on targeted issues. Organized “rapid response” network of media spokespersons. Designed campaign advertisements and literature. Hired, trained, and supervised staff.
  • Regional Field Coordinator, Dukakis-Bentsen ‘88. Aug.-Nov. 1988. Directed campaign operations in NE Pennsylvania and Tampa Bay, Florida. Coordinated relations with constituency groups, public officials, and regional media. Developed and managed organizations of over 300 volunteers in each region.
  • Deputy Finance Convention Manager, 1988 Democratic National Convention. May-Jul. 1988. Managed convention operations to host National Finance Committee members.
  • Field Organizer, Dukakis for President ‘88. Jul. 1987-May 1988. Developed and supervised volunteer organizations for caucuses and primaries in Iowa, Florida, Michigan, and Ohio. Served as special liaison to Greek-American communities.
  • Legislative Correspondent, US Representative Frank J. Guarini. Feb.-Jul. 1988. Wrote floor statements and constituency correspondence. Supervised student interns.
  • Policy Analyst, Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare. Jul. 1986-Jun. 1987. Coordinated policy changes for employment/training and emergency shelter programs.



  • The State of the State for Washington Latinos, Project Coordinator. Designed and implemented the first comprehensive study of social conditions for WA Latinos, conducted by Whitman undergraduates through the Community-Based Learning Project on racism and US Latinos. Coordinated public education efforts with statewide, regional, and local Latino leaders, and through regional media.
  • CONSEJO, Seattle, WA, July 2008-present. Member, Board of Directors. Statewide organization offering domestic violence, mental health, and substance abuse counseling and referral to Latinos/as.
  • Safe Work/Safe Food, Walla Walla, WA, Mar. 2003-present. President & founder of community nonprofit organization acting in cooperation with transnational, national, and regional groups to support the rights of immigrant workers. Coordinated local events for the 2003 Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride.
  • PFLAG (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians And Gays), Board of Directors, Walla Walla Chapter, Sept. 2000-Sept. 2002.
  • Social Concerns Committee, St. Patrick’s Church, Walla Walla. Feb. 2002-Aug. 2005.
  • Faculty Advisor, Whitman College Democrats, Sept. 1999-present; Whitman College Direct Action, Feb. 2003-present; Whitman Alliance for Workplace Justice, Feb. 2003-present.