Joseph Bell (2011)

Annabelle Bewicke (2010)

Connor Bottomly (2011)

  • Areas of interest: philosophy of mind, political philosophy, and aesthetics
  • Reason(s) for studying philosophy: "For grit and gumption"

Jon Bressler (2011)

Katherine Ceronsky (2010)

Larsen Close (2010)

Katie Davies (2010)

Allison Gill (2010)

Shannon Hall (2011)

Jonathan Handwerk (2010)

Josi Kerr (2010)

Daniel Luecke (2011)

Abigail McCoy (2011)

Megan McIntire (2011)

Manuel Mora-Moreno

  • Areas of interest: Meta-ethics, American Pragmatism (esp. Rorty, West), Philosophy of Religion, Continental (Nietzsche, Foucault, Sartre)
  • Reason(s) for studying philosophy: "After reading Kant in Core, it
    seemed like the right thing to do..."

Tumisang Mothei (2011)

Matthew Oakes (2011)

  • Areas of interest: Moral Philosophy, value theory
  • Reason(s) for studying philosophy: "for the love of wisdom and the
    pursuit of knowledge"

Melissa Rhodes (2011)

Gabriela Salvidea (2010)

Lewis Silver (2010)

Mark Spicer (2010)

  • Areas of interest: Ancient philosophy, Nietzsche, and environmental philosophy
  • Reason(s) for studying philosophy: So that I may learn how to bring about the life of Nietzsche's "Overman"
    and Plato's "Philosopher King".  In Plato's discussion of the "Good Life" and Nietzsche's explanation of the Overman and his "original relationship with nature," I see the need for and the foundation of an environmentally-conscious society focused around clean energy and local, organic food production.  I am studying these two areas of philosophy specifically so that I may one day help to further the development of the environmental movement.

Claire Stimson (2010)

Martin Stolen (2011)

Kiana Sua (2011)

Christopher Tobin-Campbell (2010)

  • Areas of interest: Moral Philosophy/Ethics
  • Reason(s) for studying philosophy: "Questioning something is the best way to learn what is true about it."

Jonathan Wells (2011)