Writing Center Staff

Lydia McDermott, Director Lydia McDermott is the director of the Whitman College Writing Center and an Assistant Professor of Composition in General Studies. Her PhD is in Rhetoric and Composition and her MA is in Creative Writing. She loves to write in practically any genre and especially loves helping others find a passion for writing. Aside from writing, she loves watching and playing soccer, hanging out with her three boys, and walking her dog, Sherlock Bones, around Ankeny Field. Previous to coming to Whitman College, she helped to found and direct the Graduate Writing and Research Center at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Please feel free to drop by her office at Olin 217, around the corner from the Center, or to schedule an appointment with her at mcdermlm@whitman.edu.

Jonas Myers, assistant to the director of the Writing Center Jonas Myers is the assistant to Lydia McDermott. He graduated from Whitman in May of 2013, having majored in English and minored in mathematics. He worked as a tutor in the Writing Center for four semesters. He loves working with students on their writing, and believes that academic writing can be an outlet for creativity. Besides all things literary, Jonas loves music, cooking, and conversation. Come visit him during his office hours in Memorial 323! They're Tuesdays 10 to noon and Thursdays 2 to 4. Whether you're seeking advice, are extremely frustrated and wish to vent, or just want to say hi, stop by!                                                                                          

Student Tutors

Henry Allen, Tutor Henry Allen I am a junior at Whitman and hail from Oakland, California. Since coming here, my academic interests have led me down a circuitous path. College regulations have induced me to declare a major in philosophy but I am currently pondering a switch to physics. By graduation I may have picked up a Classics minor. As the majority of my college writing has concerned philosophy, I will be able to best help you with papers involving that subject. I am also happy to help with lab reports, though I have only written physics ones at Whitman. When I am back in the Bay Area, I spend most of my time in the water - swimming, lifeguarding, and teaching swim lessons. One of these years I intend to get SCUBA certified so that I may venture into bodies of water deeper than thirteen feet and filled with more interesting items than dead leaves and used band-aids.

Alex Baker, tutor Alex Baker My name is Alexander Qualley Luft Baker. I was born in Eugene, Oregon, and graduated from South Eugene High School. I transferred to Whitman College after one year at the University of Oregon. My majors are Spanish and History, and I can tutor in Spanish as well as English. I am a senior here at Whitman, and in my free time I play on the Varsity men's soccer team, and listen to music and watch movies with my friends and housemates. Last semester I studied abroad in the Argentine city of Mendoza, and over the summer I went to Bath, in England, with the rest of the Whitman soccer team, and played some friendlies against English teams. 

Jake Harwood, tutor  Jacob Harwood is a senior Politics major, minoring in History, from Hopkinton, New Hampshire.  He specializes in research and analytical papers, as well as oral presentation, and has significant experience in writing and editing resumes, cover letters, and applications.                                                                                                               

Hanne Jensen, tutor Hanne Jensen As an editor at heart, I love all stages of the writing process from the early conceptions of an idea through many revisions of a carefully nurtured work. Most of my formal experience with writing has been through Whitman's literary magazine community, which has taught me the value of careful peer review, critiques, and discussion. Although working with creative writing is always fun, I like to focus more on the analytical writing. I particularly like the process of developing macro- or global-level ideas and tailoring the inner-workings of a paper to support an author's overall argument in style, structure, and content.

Katherine Lee, tutor Katherine Lee A double major in English and Music History, Katherine is well-versed in the conventions of analytical papers. She is best at assisting students with structure, flow, organization, and the development of ideas and theses. In addition, Katherine is comfortable working with students who need to prepare oral presentations from scratch or from an already-prepared piece of writing. She can also offer advice regarding nerves and stage fright since she is a violinist and performer. Katherine has the most experience in the fields of English and Music, though she may be able to provide some help writing General Chemistry lab reports and papers (research and non-research) for 100-level classes in various other departments. Katherine hails from the exotic hometown of Honolulu, Hawai'i, though she neither surfs nor lives in a grass hut.

Joseph Mayo

Joseph Mayo is a senior Sociology major and Chemistry minor from Yorba Linda, California. His strengths lie in assisting students with the structural, analytical and grammatical aspects of their papers. He has experience in both the sciences and the humanities. Because of this he can assist with a variety of paper assignments. Joseph specializes in Encounters papers, creative writing, lab reports and social science essays. 

Teaghan Phillips is a senior Environmental Humanities major, but wishes she could be a Geography major, if such a department existed. She speaks the languages of Politics, Humanities, Philosophy, Classics, English, and Spanish. If you haven't even started your paper or couldn't care less what you are currently writing about, she is most helpful at brainstorming the creative heart of papers and building the house from there. Don't be afraid to bring her plywood. 

Caitlin RooneyCaitlin Rooney I'm a junior Rhetoric major from Vancouver, Canada. Aside from Rhetoric, I'm really interested in politics and have also taken Sociology, Psychology, and History courses at Whitman. I'm happy to help with research papers and argument papers, particularly in the humanities and social sciences. I also have experience in journalism and writing literary analysis papers. Aside from writing and editing, I like political satire, photography, basketball, and traveling.

Elana Simon, tutor Elana Simon My name is Elana Simon and I'm a Junior majoring in Politics. While my experience in Politics has given me the opportunity to try many different writing forms from op-eds to research papers, I have also gained writing experience in English and Rhetoric classes. I'm more than happy to work with you on papers across the social sciences and humanities at various stages of the writing process.

McCauley Singer-Milnes, tutor McCauley Singer-Milnes I am a senior English major from Alameda, California. I am available to help with a variety of writing tasks spanning various disciplines but my love of literature means I have the most experience with analytical English papers. I am also comfortable working with students on papers for Encounters. I enjoy brainstorming ideas early in the writing process and talking through a paper line by line as it approaches a final draft. When not at the Writing Center or writing a paper for an English class, I enjoy playing lacrosse, cooking, and watching The Daily Show. 

Sabrina Wise, tutor Sabrina Wise is an English major from Fairfax, California. She can help with a range of writing assignments in the humanities and genuinely enjoys puzzling through thesis statements, essay organization, and issues of flow and clarity. Sabrina is best prepared to assist with papers for English (including creative writing) and Religion classes, but is also comfortable working with students on analytical and argumentative essays in other disciplines, including General Studies (Encounters!). When she was five she wanted to be a fire truck when she grew up; unfortunately that dream didn't pan out, and she now aspires to be a writer and teacher.

Emma Woodworth, tutor Emma Woodworth Hi, my name is Emma Woodworth. I'm a junior ES-Bio major with a strong emphasis in writing. I have experience with writing in a wide variety of subject areas, from hard sciences to history, sociology, English, and creative writing. When not at the Writing Center, I can generally be found outside looking at trees, picnicking, and camping.