Information for Gender Studies Faculty

Program structure:

  • The Gender Studies Steering Committee consists of a minimum of three people: at least one person from each Division and those teaching GndS courses. It is quasi-self-generating, i.e., with the consent of the Dean. The Steering Committee will choose a Director from among its members; the Director will function as “department chair” and delegate departmental tasks to other members of the committee. Committee tasks include:
    • budget (& library budget) requests
    • catalog copy
    • scheduling GndS course times
    • shepherding new gender studies courses (GndS & departmental) through faculty approval
    • web page maintenance
    • listserv maintenance
    • approving majors’ plans for their concentration course clusters
    • assigning thesis advisors & thesis committee members
    • approving new members of major advisors panel and general oversight of academic major advising to assure parity among individual students’ major programs of study
  • A panel of Gender Studies major advisors includes the members of the Steering Committee and other interested faculty (subject to agreement of the Steering Committee). In addition to the tasks that any major advisors would perform, Gender Studies major advisors:
    • with advisees, present to the Steering Committee for approval students’ proposals for concentration course clusters (end of 1st semester junior year)
    • with advisees, present to the Steering Committee for approval students’ proposals for thesis topics and potential thesis advisors (mid 1st semester senior year)
    • are likely faculty to attend “department meetings” and to rotate through service on the Steering Committee
    • will be identified on the Gender Studies web page
  • A pool of self-identified affiliated faculty are those who might serve as thesis advisors but whose interests, other time commitments, etc., are such that they are not, at least at the moment, logical folks to take on other departmental tasks. Also listed on the Gender Studies web page.
  • The genderfaculty listserv includes all faculty who have expressed interest in gender issues, speakers, etc.

This program structure was approved by consensus of the Gender Studies faculty and the Dean of Faculty, Fall 2005.

The current Steering Committee (20012-13) consists of:

  • Melissa Wilcox (Director; Div II)
  • Susanne Beechey (Div I)
  • Andrea Dobson (Div III)
  • Suzanne Morrissey (Div. I)
  • Zahi Zalloua (Div II)


Gender Studies faculty