Major Exams

Comprehensive Exams for Economics and Economics-Combined Senior Majors.
The standard written exam for Economics and Economics-Combined majors is the Major Field Test (MFT) in Economics. (In addition, Economics-Combined majors may have other components for the written exam.) The test is tentatively scheduled to be administered in the spring semester 2015 in a room to be announced. Students should arrive at 1:30pm, bringing a photo ID. The exam will last from 2-4pm. No calculators allowed. You must registe and pay for the exam by the deadline (to be set) at the end of the fall 2014 semester. The fee (to be set) must be paid with cash or a check to the Whitman College Business Office in the Memorial Bldg. If you need special accommodation for the exam, contact Jan Crouter (Chair, Department of Economics).

Oral exams schedules are tentatively scheduled to be administered early in the spring 2015 semester. Economics majors will need to sign up for one-hour time slots for the oral exam. An email will be sent out with instructions before the signup date. Economics-Combined majors should contact Professor Crouter to arrange the separate scheduling of their oral exam with the relevant Economics professor and the professor of the other major or program.

Senior Class Representatives (to be named) will be disseminating information about the Major Exams (practice exams, review sessions, etc.)

Here is some information about the Major Field Test (the written exam).
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