An ideal major for those who seek to join the great conversation that lies at the heart of all modern Western intellectual and philosophical thought and tradition, the study of the classics enables students to explore and appreciate the literatures, languages, cultures, values, and civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome.

If you're looking to immerse yourself in classical literature and thought, and to develop an appreciation for the poetry, philosophy, history and rhetoric of some of the most influential figures within the Western tradition, the Department of Classics at Whitman College can give you the tools and guidance for this rewarding endeavor.

As a student of the classics, you will graduate with a close familiarity with the works of ancient authors through a curriculum that balances the close study of primary texts with contemporary scholarly analyses. You will also be offered instruction in the Greek and Latin languages and can learn to read the original texts.

Fundamentally interdisciplinary in nature, the program not only enables you to integrate different fields of study, but also to engage in close and focused scholarship in collaboration with your professors.