Tuition pays for considerably less than the true cost of a Whitman education, with the remainder provided by income from the college’s endowment and by gifts from alumni and other friends of the college. In effect, then, these revenue sources provide a partial scholarship to all students, regardless of whether they receive financial aid.

Whitman reserves the right to adjust its charges, though charges effective at the beginning of a semester will not be changed during that semester.

Summary of Charges

Charges for a two-semester year at Whitman, for a student living in a residence hall, are:

Tuition $45,770
ASWC (student association) $368
Board (Meal Plan C) $6,216
Room (standard rate) $5,348
Books and supplies (estimated) $1,400

Additional course fees, the cost of private music lessons, and personal expenses will vary from student to student. At Whitman and in the Walla Walla community, costs of social, recreational, and extracurricular activities tend to be relatively modest. The inclusive budget — that is, a typical budget for a student taking advantage of all customary types of college activity — is about $58,734 a year.

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