Education Opportunities

While at Whitman

  • Find out about current events and opportunities on campus related to education by joining the Education Listserv (Contact: Michelle Janning: [janninmy at] or Jennifer Mouat [mouatjh at] if you would like to be added.)
  • Think about tutoring on campus through the Academic Resource Center. (Contact: Mary Claire Gegen, Academic Resources Program Coordinator [gegenm at, xt. 5213])
  • Consider mentoring elementary students with learning disabilities/differences through the Whitman student group Eye to Eye. (Advised by the ARC Director. Contact: Belle Zarate [zarateim at])
  • Apply to work as a student aide (paid positions available) at our on-campus childcare center: The Kids Place. (Contact: Marissa Ruzicka-Lopez, Director)
  • Practice science pedagogy in local schools with Whitman's Science Outreach. (Contact: Heidi Chapin, chapinh at
  • Seek education-related job search help and internships through programs offered through the Student Engagement Center. (Contact: Susan Prudente, Outreach Coordinator [prudensk at, xt. 4429]) 
  • Seek local school-based opportunities (some paid) through community programs that support college readiness and learning improvement:
    • WISE Program (Contact: aikenssl at
    • Walla Walla High School AVID Tutors (Advancement via Individual Determination) (Contact: SWeber at, 526-8621)
    • Academic Lab (Contact: bkitamura at
    • WSU Gear Up (Contact: fsalinas at

Post-Graduation Teaching Opportunities

Graduate School and Careers in Education

State-by-State Certification Requirements:

Students who are interested in learning about the teaching certification requirements for a given state should Google "Teaching Credential [Enter State Here]" or follow these links:

National Opportunities

International Opportunities