Student Academic Advisers

Student Academic Advisers '14 Student Academic Advisers, Fall 2014

  • Student Academic Advisers (SAs) are sophomore, junior, or senior students who are selected for their solid academic and personal accomplishments and given extensive training in peer advising.
  • Each first-year student is assigned to an SA and will meet with him or her during Opening Week to discuss early concerns such as course load and distribution requirements.
  • SAs live in first-year student sections and are involved in residence hall activities.
  • The most important job of the SA is to serve as an academic orientation aide, helping you to get acquainted with the academic programs, opportunities, and expectations you will find at Whitman.
  • Once registration is over and you are comfortably settled in a set of classes which suit your interests and goals, your SA will provide information on a wide range of academic issues:
    • If you have questions about when to P-D-F a class, how to find out more about studying in Germany, where to find a tutor in Economics, what to expect from your first blue book exam, how to improve your time management, or a great many other things, your SA can either give you the answer or put you in touch with someone who can.
    • Your SA is also an excellent source of assistance if you are disappointed or surprised by the grades you receive on tests, papers, quizzes, etc.
    • In addition, many SAs are willing to read and comment on Encounters papers, organize Chemistry study groups, or assist with complicated Calculus problems. 

Meet your SA and all the others here: SA Photos & Advice

If you'd like to be an SA, please explore the materials available on our website. We'll be hiring in the spring for next fall's SAs. Thanks!