Resources & Contacts

College Resources & Contacts

Clare Carson, Assoc. Dean of Students: Academic Resources ( / X5213)

Clare works with faculty and students on issue related to disability services, provides FERPA education to the broader campus community, hears student grievances related to accommodations and disability and serves as the Student Conduct Administrator. The latter assures an understanding of students with disabilities who go through the conduct process.

Julia Dunn, Director of Academic Resources ( / X5213)

Juli directs services for students who have disabilities. All students who need academic adjustments due to disability, or have questions abut disability services should meet with the Dean Carson.

Claudia Ness, Director of the Health Center ( / X5281)

The Health Center maintains confidential medical records and offers a 24-hour, fully staffed nursing facility. Health Center physicians are available at regularly sched­uled hours and on-call as necessary. The resources and staff of the Health Center can be helpful in assisting students with the management of both acute and chronic conditions.

F. "Thacher" Carter, Associate Dean of Students: Health & Wellness ( / X5195)

Confidential counseling is available to all students at no charge. The counseling staff is experienced and can deal with a wide range of issues.

Director of Security: Matthew Stroe:  ( / X5777)

The Security Office can provide parking arrangements and in some cases, cellular phones for students with physical disabilities.

Director of Buildings and Grounds: Dan Park: ( / X5999)

The Physical Plant welcomes suggestions for making the buildings and grounds more accessible.