Get a Tutor

Peer Tutoring

One of the greatest benefits of a rigorous and cooperative learning environment like Whitman’s is the opportunity for students to learn from each other. If you are finding a particular subject challenging, explore the many resources available to you:

  • visit your professor
  • talk with your classmates
  • attend study groups
  • make use of Departmental Tutoring sessions

However, if you have tried these resources, and feel that you would benefit from a more individualized and consistent tutoring experience, one-on-one peer tutoring is available through the ARC at no cost.

If you feel that additional assistance in a particular subject would be beneficial to you, we ask that you fill out this short Google Form, so that we get a better understanding of your academic needs and strategies for success. (You will need to log in to your Whitmail account in order to access the survey). Once you have submitted your answers, you will contacted by and meet with Rebecca Frost, Director of Academic Resources. This is in order to ensure that your tutor is well-matched not only in mastery of the subject, but also in style of instruction and personality.