Offices and Resources

Academic Resource Center

Memorial 325
Academic Resource Center
(509) 527-5213

Your success at Whitman will depend on how effectively you use your time and the resources available to you. The Academic Resource Center (ARC) – home to premajor advising, the Student Academic Advisers (the SAs), the tutor program, academic counseling, and disability support services – is the place to go for academic advice and support. At the ARC, you can pick up planners to help you schedule your semester, lay out your major requirements, create a tentative four-year plan, ask questions about classes or academic advising, or try out concept-mapping software to help you organize your thoughts for an upcoming paper. The ARC staff also can provide personalized assistance in helping you stock your “academic toolbox,” by adding study skills strategies, schedule planning, goal setting, improved concentration techniques, motivation, and test preparation. They also answer general questions about academics at Whitman as well as questions about accommodations for students with disabilities. Stop by the ARC and see what techniques and strategies best fit your needs as a learner.

Disability Support Services – Academic Resource Center

Memorial 325
Disability Services
(509) 527-5213

Whitman College is committed to providing access to its programs and facilities for students with disabilities. The staff in the Academic Resource Center is responsible for providing support to, and appropriate accommodations for, students with learning, physical, and/or psychological disabilities. If you have a disability, please contact Director of Disability Support Services, Rebecca Frost at ( to learn about all the resources available to assist you, and to schedule an appointment at the beginning of each semester to assess your needs. You also may decide to participate in the Project Eye to Eye Chapter, which mentors local elementary students with learning disabilities, or to be paired with an upper classman with a disability to help mentor and support you during your first year. The college’s disability policy and procedures is available online here.

Admission Office

Penrose House, 515 Boyer Ave.
Toll Free (877) 462-9448
(509) 527-5176

You are here due in large part to the efforts of the Admission Office. We believe that all students admitted to the college have the potential to succeed. If you are interested in helping with their efforts, please contact the office for more information about how to get involved with prospective students.

Alumni Association

Alumni House, 364 Boyer Avenue
(509) 527-5167

Whitman College alumni are an active, engaged group of loyal Whitman graduates who stay connected with each other and are willing to network and mentor Whitman students and alumni. You can find out more information by visiting the Student Engagement Center and asking about the Whtiman Connect, or contacting the Alumni Office at x5167. All graduates of Whitman College are automatically members of the Alumni Association. Anyone who has attended Whitman for one year, and whose class has graduated, also can become a member by calling the Alumni Office and asking to be added. Once you graduate from Whitman, you will receive the Whitman Magazine, e-newsletters, and mailings about class reunions and alumni events in your area.

Athletic Facilities
(509) 527-5921

Baker Ferguson Fitness Center, a 38,000-square-foot fitness center located on the corner of Main and Park streets, includes a competitive swimming pool to serve the Whitman varsity swim teams, as well as the kayaking, water polo, and recreational swimming needs of the college. It also has 10,000 square feet of fitness training equipment available to all students, faculty, staff, as well as varsity and club sport teams. Lockers and shower rooms are on the main floor. Sherwood Center includes two large gyms, three multipurpose (dance/aerobic) rooms, squash and racquetball courts, two class rooms, locker rooms, mens’ and womens’ saunas, and an indoor climbing facility with more than 7,000 square feet of climbing space.

Bratton Tennis Center is an indoor tennis facility with four courts, locker room facilities and a viewing area. Six lighted outdoor tennis courts also are available in the center of campus near Ankeny Field.

Whitman Athletic Fields host men’s and women’s soccer teams and women's lacrosse teams and offers space for club and intramural competitions. The complex includes a competition field and 3 practice fields.

Borleske Stadium is the practice and competition site for our baseball team. It includes a 1756-seat stadium and playing field. As a part of that complex, Martin Field is a Track and Field facility. Both facilities are owned in partnership between Whitman College, the City of Walla Walla and the Walla Walla School Board and is managed by the Borleske Association.

Bon Appétit

Prentiss Dining Hall
(509) 527-5508

At the direction of Whitman College, Bon Appétit provides food services at Prentiss, Jewett, and Lyman dining halls, as well as Café ’41 in the Penrose Library, plus Café ’66 and the Espresso Bar in the Reid Campus Center. Bon Appétit offers a broad range of service hours and, more importantly, excellent food. The helpful staff at the Bon Appétit Office in Prentiss Hall can answer your meal plan questions and assist you with special requests. Students with specific food allergies or strict medical or religious dietary regimens are encouraged to contact the general manager, Roger Edens (, to discuss their individual needs. Bon Appétit also provides on-campus catering services. Students or campus activity groups planning a special event outside of the dining halls can arrange for catering through the catering office at (509) 527-5127. Catering events are paid for by college department, student charge, cash, or check. Student feedback about all aspects of Bon Appétit’s services is expected, encouraged, and always welcome.

Business Office

Memorial 223
Business Office
(509) 527-5143

The Business Office, open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (including the noon hour), is the place to go if you have any questions about your student account.

Usual services of the office include setting up payment plans, cashing checks, and handling all charges and credits to student accounts.

Communications Office, Boyer House and Memorial 327

The Office of Communications offers printing, publicity assistance, and mailing services. Its “User’s Guide,” available on the Whitman website, will help you connect with news services, advertising, Web content, photography, printing, and mailing services. If you need booklets, posters, banners, T-shirts, event coverage, or international mail sent out, the communications staff will work with you to get things done. If your printing project or mailing is officially for Whitman through a club or organization, be sure to provide your budget number. For personal projects, you can pay by cash or check.

Conferences and Events Office

Reid Campus Center 202
Conferences and Events 
(509) 527-5366

With the exception of academic classes, all programs and events along with any event sponsored by an external organization, are scheduled through the Conferences and Events Office. Your organization should contact the office to reserve a location for your event. This process allows other groups to be aware of events scheduled on any particular day and avoid scheduling conflicts. A calendar of public events is listed on the college’s home page.

Dean of Students Office

Memorial 325
Dean of Students
(509) 527-5158

One of the primary roles of the Dean of Students Office is to work as an advocate for and mentor to students and student groups. The Office is a welcoming place for students and provides guidance and direction to those who may seek our help. Feel free to stop by and see us.

The Dean of Students Chuck Cleveland also oversees the various departments of Student Affairs. The primary components of the philosophy of Student Affairs include encouraging community development, involving students in life beyond the classroom and providing leadership opportunities. Student Affairs supports the academic mission and strives to connect students to the college community and provides them with skills that can be used successfully in and out of the classroom. This approach fosters community building, personal growth, and intellectual development and helps students discover their passions while pursuing a healthy, balanced life.

Office of Fellowships and Grants

Reid 231 and 232
Fellowships and Grants
(509) 527-5933
(509) 527-5184

The Office of Fellowships and Grants works closely with Whitman students and alumni in their pursuit of national fellowships, scholarships, and grants. Application deadlines for these opportunities are found in the Fellowships Calendar located in the left-column menu of the home page.

Each year, Whitman students receive prestigious awards for graduate study in the United States and abroad, and awards that bridge undergraduate and graduate study. Crucial to an applicant’s success is early preparation for the formal application process. Applicants are encouraged to work well in advance of application deadlines to find appropriate fellowships, and to design an academic and extracurricular plan to be a top candidate for these awards.

National awards are highly competitive; a well-executed plan of study and engagement at Whitman is essential for candidacy. Watch for general announcements about grants and specific bulletins about information meetings throughout the year.

Financial Aid Services

Memorial 123
Financial Aid
(509) 527-5178

If you have any questions or concerns about scholarships, loans, work study, or simply how to apply/reapply for financial aid, please feel free to visit our office in person or contact us by phone or email. Financial Aid is open Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Glover Alston Center

Glover Alston Center

The Glover Alston Center is a resource to facilitate Whitman’s commitment to sustaining a diverse community. By providing a safe space for meaningful conversation and interaction, the Glover Alston Center welcomes and supports differences, collaborates with academic departments, encourages input from divergent perspectives, enhances intercultural and international awareness, and models respect for all in the Whitman community. The Glover Alston Center achieves this by serving as:

  • A unique place for programs to develop education, understanding and community involvement.
  • A safe place where conversations about diversity, difference, multiculturalism and social justice occur.
  • A social and academic space for collaboration between members of the Whitman community.
  • A meeting place and home for campus organizations and clubs.
  • An open space for meditation, reflection, and spiritual and religious practices.

With this facility, the Whitman community hopes to foster meaningful exchanges between individuals and groups for the greater understanding and mutual respect of one another by encouraging engagement, leadership development and learning.

All members of the Whitman community are invited and encouraged to use this nonresidential space.

Harper Joy Theatre

Theatre Office: (509) 527-5279
Theatre Box Office: (509) 527-5180

Harper Joy Theatre (HJT) produces a rich and varied season of plays for the campus and community, offering experience in all aspects of theatre. All students are welcome to participate in HJT productions. Audition notices are sent to the student list serve and posted on the callboard at the theatre. If you want to work on the production staff for a play, contact the technical director or the stage manager. Paid staff positions are filled at the beginning of each semester. Check at the theatre office if you are interested.

Each student gets a free ticket to each show which must be reserved through the theatre box office.

Instructional Multimedia Services (IMS)

Hunter 203
(509) 527-5257

IMS provides multimedia resources and support to the faculty, students, and staff of Whitman College. Equipment available for free checkout includes camcorders, voice recorders, tripods, document cameras, DVD/ VCR combos, video projectors, and portable projection screens. In addition to providing equipment checkout, delivery, IMS maintains and supports events in approximately 90 smart classrooms, including many large venues like Maxey Auditorium, Olin 130 and Kimball Theatre.

Intercultural Center

Reid Campus Center 216
Intercultural Center
(509) 527-5596

The Intercultural Center seeks to foster intercultural awareness, inclusiveness and respect. We are committed to positively enhancing the Whitman experience for students, staff and faculty, especially those from underrepresented communities, and to strengthen partnerships with academic and administrative offices as well as organizations in the larger Walla Walla community.  We facilitate and encourage ongoing dialogue regarding issues of diversity in order to move toward a more inclusive campus climate.

The Intercultural Center team provides mentoring and co-curricular, social support for students from underrepresented, international and multinational backgrounds. The center also plays a key role in bringing diverse perspectives and experiences to campus by sponsoring various speakers and events. A collection of books and films, as well as information about internship and scholarship opportunities related to diversity and multicultural issues are available at the center.  The center also manages and maintains the Glover Alston Center for the entire campus community.  Whitman community members can reserve a space in the Glover Alston Center by sending an email to:

The center provides assistance and resources to student organizations focused on culture and identity.  Among the most active clubs on campus, they provide leadership opportunities for students, and promote diversity and multiculturalism by sponsoring discussion panels, lectures, musical events, dances, festivals and more. Currently, there are 15 active organizations:  American Indian Association (AIA); Atheists, Humanists and Agnostics (AHA); Beyond Borders Club (BBC); Black Student Union (BSU); China at Whitman; Club Latino; Feminists Advocating Change and Empowerment (FACE); First Generation Working Class (FGWC); Hillel-Shalom; Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (GLBTQ); Hapa and Mixed Race Club; Namasté Meditation Club; South Asian Student Association (SASA); Wakilisha Africa Club; Whitman Christian Fellowship.

International Student Services

(509) 527-5596
International Student Services

The staff in this office helps international students with United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement requirements, plans and directs an orientation camp for new students and provides cultural support to multicultural students throughout the year. The staff in this office also aids international visiting faculty and guests coming to Whitman on the J visa designation. The International Friendship Family program is sponsored through this office and works to match local residents with incoming international students.

Religious and Spiritual Life Office

Reid Campus Center
(509) 522-4449

The Office of Religious and Spiritual life works to promote religious diversity and spiritual engagement on campus. The programming from this office seeks to create opportunities for interfaith dialogue among religiously affiliated groups which include: Hillel-Shalom, Muslim Student Association, Namaste Meditation Club, Orthodox Christian Fellowship, Catholics on Campus, Society of Friends, Whitman Christian Fellowship, and Whitman College Unitarian Universalists. Interfaith discussions ("Nourish"), worship services, service projects, and high holy day meals are among the many activities supported by the office. Counseling services also are available.

Language Learning Center

Olin Hall 316
Language Learning Center
(509) 527-5898

The Language Learning Center is the hub of foreign language pedagogy at Whitman College. Whether you're taking a language class, preparing for study abroad, or just want to brush up on your language skills, the LLC is here to help.

As part of its mission, the LLC is happy to host Whitman College Language Assistants for 2015-16: Kei Sugiyama (Japanese), Ling Jin (Mandarin), Nina Vanspranghe (French), Natalie Gontscharow (German), and May Baker-Fohring (Spanish). These LA's provide linguistic and cultural support to Whitman College's foreign language departments. The LLC also coordinates Whitman College's English Language Fellow (ELF) program, which provides intensive one-on-one peer tutoring to students for whom English is their second (or third) language.   

In addition, the LLC offers satellite television, international VHS and DVD players, digital voice recorders, audio editing software, computer workstations, printers, group conversation rooms, and a collection of international magazines and newspapers.

The Language Learning Center is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday-Friday. 

Off-Campus Studies

Memorial 205
Off Campus Studies
(509) 527-4992

Whitman offers its students a wide range of study opportunities around the world and in several U.S. cities. About 38 percent of Whitman students study off-campus before graduating, usually for one or both semesters of their junior year. All students who wish to receive credit for their off-campus studies program (including the U.S.-based semester programs and summer programs outside the United States) must apply through the Off-Campus Studies Office prior to attending the program. If you would like to learn more about the off-campus study opportunities available to you, please attend one of our frequent First Step Meetings advertised on the Off-Campus Studies home page, or stop by the Off-Campus Studies Office for more information.

Outdoor Program

Reid Campus Center G-23
Outdoor Program
Rental Shop (509) 527-5965
Brien Sheedy, Director (509) 522-4375
Stuart Chapin, Assistant Director (509) 527-5791

The Whitman Outdoor Program fosters personal growth, facilitates learning and creates recreational opportunities skills and risk management training, leadership development, and environmentally sound trips in a supportive community. Seven programmatic areas exist to fulfill this mission: scrambles, SSRA classes, the climbing center, rental shop, special events, trainings, and the trip program. The OP is the place to go if you are interested in participating in a trip, exploring the outdoors, renting equipment, or developing outdoor leadership skills and knowledge.The OP’s activities include hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, ice climbing, cross country and back country skiing, snowshoeing, winter camping, whitewater kayaking and rafting, canoeing and sea kayaking.

The OP sponsors a variety of nationally recognized training courses including WMI (Wilderness Medicine Institute) Wilderness First Responder courses, ACA (American Canoe Association) Swift Water Rescue, ACA Whitewater Kayak Instructor, AMGA (American Mountain Guide Association) Climbing Wall Instructor and AMGA Single Pitch Instructor courses and more. The OP also coordinates the optional first year wilderness pre-orientation program known as Scrambles, the climbing center, open kayak sessions at the pool, and the outdoor speakers program.

Furthermore, more than 35 Sports Studies, Recreation and Athletics (SSRA) activity classes are run through the OP. Finally, the OP also gives guidance and support to several student outdoor clubs such as the whitewater club, climbing club, back country ski club, and hiking club. With the OP’s resources, you can share adventures and gain leadership and technical skill experience in non-competitive and non-motorized outdoor activities.

Penrose Library
(509) 527-5191

Penrose Library provides access to diverse collections of resources that support student research and learning. Its information literacy programs utilize active, problem-based learning and focus on teaching students to navigate the research process. Librarians help students develop critical thinking skills, evaluate and synthesize information, and communicate the results of intellectual inquiry.

How does Penrose Library accomplish its mission? By serving as a bridge between the college community and a digital environment with more than 56,000 unique journal titles and multiple databases that complement its 400,000 volume print collection. Penrose is one of only a few college libraries that are open 24/7, and the facility itself was built and renovated with the idea that form follows function. Penrose archives and special collections include 3,500 linear feet of archival and manuscript material and more than 5,000 rare books. And, Whitman College is a member of the Orbis Cascade Alliance which combines the holdings of 37 academic libraries throughout the Northwest to provide access and courier delivery of more than 29 million volumes. Students at Whitman have access to rich, diverse, and unique information resources and collections, and dedicated staff to help them with their research needs.

Provost and Dean of the Faculty Office

Memorial 308
Provost and Dean of the Faculty
(509) 527-5397

Interim Provost and Dean of the Faculty, Pat Spencer, is the chief academic officer of the college. His office is involved in nearly all aspects of the academic life of the college, from registration to postgraduate fellowships (such as Truman and Fulbright fellowships). Recruiting, developing, and retaining an excellent faculty is his most important responsibility. He also plays a leading role in curricular planning and academic budgeting. Students can be referred to the Provost and Dean of the Faculty to discuss academic interests or problems.

Registrar Office

Memorial 208
(509) 527-5983

You surely will get to know the friendly staff in the Registrar’s Office. Stacey Guisti, Whitman’s Registrar, is responsible for maintaining your academic records at the college. The Registrar’s staff is ready to help you with questions about registration, adding or dropping a class, transferring credit from another school, questions about your grades or academic progress, and submission of a petition to the Board of Review for exemptions from official policy. Take a look at all the other services available at the above link, or better yet, drop by for a visit.

Reid Campus Center

280 Boyer Ave.
Reid Campus Center
(509) 527-5208

The Reid Campus Center, named in honor of R. R. “Pete” Reid, Whitman ’49, houses a variety of offices, services, and meeting places, including:

  • Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC)
  • Automatic Teller Machine (Banner Bank ATM)
  • blue moon Literary Journal
  • Bon Appétit Catering Office
  • Bookstore
  • Café ’66 (snack bar)
  • Campus Lost and Found
  • Catering Office
  • Coffeehouse
  • Conferences and Events
  • Espresso Cart
  • Fellowships and Grants
  • Greek Life Office
  • Holiday Bus/Shuttle Service
  • Intercultural Center
    • International Student Adviser
    • Religious and Spiritual Life Office
  • KWCW Student Radio Station
  • New Student Orientation
  • Outdoor Program Office and Rental Shop
  • Pioneer Student Newspaper
  • Post Office
  • quarterlife, quarterly art/literature magazine
  • Recreation Sports (Club and IM)
  • Refrigerator Rentals
  • Scheduling Office
  • Sexual Misconduct Prevention Educator
  • Sexual Misconduct Victim's Advocate
  • Stevens Art Gallery
  • Student Activities Office
  • Student Engagement Center
    • America Reads/Counts
    • Career Development
    • Center for Community Service
    • Internships
  • "Waiilatpu," Student Yearbook
  • Whitman Events Board (WEB)

Residence Life and Housing Office

Memorial 130
Residence Life and Housing
(509) 527-5297

The Residence Life and Housing Office is responsible for on-campus living, and oversees residence hall staff and programs. Students with questions, problems, or suggestions regarding residence hall life are encouraged to visit the office. See page 22 for more information about Whitman’s Residence Life program.

Sexual Harassment and The Title IX Administrator

Memorial 330
Sexual Harassment and The Title IX Administrator
(509) 527-5158

Sexual harassment is unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature which has the purpose or effect of interfering with an individual’s academic or work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive academic or work environment. Title IX is a federal law that prohibits discrimination based on sex or gender in educational programs in institutions that receive federal financial assistance.

The college seeks to prevent violations of policies governed by Title IX, including sexual violence, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, stalking, and/or bullying or hazing. The college will investigate all allegations of discrimination and harassment (including complaints that do not involve unlawful civil rights violations), act to end the violation, prevent its recurrence, and remedy its effect on the victim and the Whitman College community. Students who know about an incident or believe they have been subject to discrimination based on sex or gender or who would simply like to get more information should come to the Dean of Students Office. The Title IX Administrator for the college is Julia Dunn, Memorial 330,

For additional information see both the Interim Grievance Policy and the Sexual Misconduct policies.

Sheehan Gallery

Olin Hall 159
(509) 527-5249

The Donald H. Sheehan Gallery, named in honor of Whitman’s ninth president, is an important visual arts resource for the college and the Walla Walla Valley. Five exhibitions are displayed each season. They feature contemporary art and exhibits, which focus on issues in art history and human culture. Symposia, lectures, films, and workshops are frequently offered in conjunction with the exhibitions. The gallery offers employment for up to 10 students as well as internships for students interested in contemporary art, art history, and museum studies. Sheehan Gallery exhibitions and programs are always free.

Student Activities Office

Reid Campus Center 202
Student Activities
(509) 527-5367

Student Activities supports the mission of the college, Student Affairs, and the Reid Campus Center by providing a variety of cocurricular programs and services that encourage student involvement in the campus community and enhance the educational aspects of Whitman. The cultural, social, recreational, and educational programs supported and developed by the Student Activities Office are designed to create a positive learning experience that provides opportunities for students to engage in activities that enrich the value of their education. Staff also assist students in developing leadership and life skills that empower them to advocate for their needs and interests. The Student Activities Director and Assistant Director work with students to form new organizations and keep current organizations vital, and serve as the advisers to the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC), Whitman Events Board (WEB), and other clubs on campus.

Student Engagement Center

219 Reid Campus Center
Student Engagement Center
(509) 527-5183

The Student Engagement Center (SEC) encourages students to take advantage of a vast array of experiences available outside of the classroom.  These experiences will enrich students' academic programs as well as help them refine their interests and develop their passions for an overall more meaningful learning experience at Whitman.  The Student Engagement Center fosters personal and intellectual development by promoting the pairing of academics with community service, internships, building professional relationships, campus employment, leadership opportunities, and career development.  The Student Engagement Center's staff collaborates with offices and academic departments throughout the Whitman and Walla Walla communities to help students assess their skills, interests and abilities and to promote involvement in activities that will advance them toward their future goals.  Located in 219 Reid Campus Center, the Student Engagement Center consists of career development services, community service programs, various internship programs and the America Reads/America Counts work study program.

Career Development

Whether seeking a campus or community job while in school, summer work or internship experience, volunteer opportunities, post-graduation employment, or graduate school, the Student Engagement Center has resources to assist students. The staff will help you develop a professional résumé, interview techniques, networking skills and provide information about job or career opportunities with employers or alumni. Campus and community jobs are listed on the online portal iEngage. Career and graduate school fairs are held regularly and networking receptions with alumni are hosted several times a year. Alumni volunteers provide career advice and job shadowing opportunities for students and other alumni.


To gain career-related experience, students are encouraged to participate in internships, many of which are listed in the internship database on the website, and many more that are available at organizations recruiting at Whitman. The Student Engagement Center also coordinates the administration of the Whitman Internship Grant program, providing financial support for unpaid summer internships and academic year internships.

America Reads/Counts

With education and tutoring as prevailing professional interests for Whitman students, a valuable way to get real life experience in various learning environments is to work with the America Reads/Counts work-study program.  Students eligible for federal work study can apply for America Reads/Counts internships to support local K-12 students. On average, an intern works eight hours per week working with individual or small groups of students reinforcing common core rigor with a focus on reading strategies, sound math fundamentals and effective work behavior with students needing more time and attention to progress in a successful manner.

Community Service

Walla Walla is home to many organizations that would benefit from your time and attention. Depending on your passions and interests, one could participate in a community-based art project, prepare and serve meals at the soup kitchen, help kids with their homework at Farm Labor Homes, plant native species and remove invasive weeds at a stream restoration, visit with a senior citizen, or put your research skills to good use in historic preservation of downtown Walla Walla. Whether a Whitman student is considering a career in medicine and would like to volunteer at a clinic, or someone just misses their dog and would like to help out at the Humane Society, there are many opportunities to share one's talents and learn new skill either individually or as a group.

Community Service interns (Whitman students who lead their peers and are paid to do what they love!)  oversee eight diverse community programs allowing volunteers to engage with the community on a regular basis. Several city-wide service events occur each year, including Make A Difference Day in October, Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January, and the Tri-College Spring Service Day in April.

The Community Service House (AKA the Coop) is a residential option for students interested in service activities. Residents agree to perform direct community service and to lead service projects over the course of the semester. The house is a hub for community service both on and off campus.

Testing Service

The GRE Subject, MFT, LSAT and other standardized tests also are offered at Whitman College. The test schedule is available on the Student Engagement Center website or by contacting Bridget Jacobson at or by phone at (509) 527-5158.

Technology Services

Olin Hall 168
(509) 527-5415
Help Desk: (509) 527-4976

Whitman College Technology Services (Tech Services, WCTS) manages, maintains, and supports computing and technology resources across the campus. This includes college computer workstations and supported software, computer labs, classroom technology, the campus computer network, central computer systems and servers, and connections to the Internet. WCTS also manages telephone and voicemail systems, and administers email and network accounts for students, faculty, and staff.


Student resources maintained by Technology Services include computers in Penrose Library, general access labs in Maxey and Science Halls, the Multimedia Development Lab in Hunter Conservatory, the two Computer Science labs in Olin Hall, and the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Lab in the Hall of Science. The facilities in Penrose Library are accessible to students 24 hours a day, seven days a week, during the academic year. All computer workstations are connected to the campus network, with access to the Internet as well as to a variety of application software, such as word processing, spreadsheet, graphics software, and specialized software used by specific academic departments. Other lab resources include laser printing, color printing, scanners, large-format poster printing, and video and audio editing. In addition, wireless connections are available throughout campus. Wireless laptops are available for four-hour checkout in the library.


Technology Services maintains the wired network connections for students to connect their own computers directly to the network and Internet in residence hall rooms, fraternity houses, and interest houses. In addition, wireless connectivity is available in all residence halls and interest houses. Students living off campus may connect to the network via a local Internet provider. Details explaining equipment requirements and the instructions for connecting to the ResNet network are available at

Where to get help

For tech support during the academic year, call the Help Desk at x4976, or the Tech Services Office in the library at x5062. You also can email or visit the Help Desk in Olin 168. Technology Services maintains an extensive website packed with information about campus technology resources, training and workshop opportunities, and online documentation covering a broad collection of topics such as using specific resources and software, and setting up and using email.

Responsilbe use of technology resources

Please be sure to look at Whitman's policies and guidelines for use of information technology and network resources in the Rights and Responsibilities section of this handbook, or online at

Welty Student Health Center

Welty Center, 11 Merriam St.
Welty Student Health Center
(509) 527-5281

The Health Center, staffed by licensed nurses and open 24 hours a day for the care and prevention of illness or injury. A team of physicians rotate to provide medical services to all degree seeking students each weekday and we offer 12 overnight beds regardless of insurance coverage. The director of the Health Center, a registered nurse, also is available for assessment and consultation. Women’s health is provided by a female member of our physician team.

There is no charge for routine physician care or overnight care.

Services such as laboratory tests, and administration of prescribed allergy injections, are available to students at a nominal cost. Travel and common vaccinations are available at the Health Center. The price of the vaccine may be charged to the student’s account, or the student may pay at the time of service. The Health Center also provides a travel clinic for consultation and travel planning.

Transportation to medical appointment is available if scheduled ahead of time.

Cost of any medical services outside of the college facility must be borne by the student. Physician prescriptions presented at the Health Center may be delivered from a local pharmacy.

Other services provided on a limited basis are dietary counseling, massage therapy (cash due at time of service), and physical therapy (charged to insurance). Whatever your health-care needs, the Health Center staff will be happy to work with you.

Welty Counseling Center

502 Boyer Ave
Welty Counseling Center
(509) 527-5195

The Counseling Center is run by professionally trained counselors. Each year approximately 25 percent of the student body seeks counseling at the center. Common issues include anxiety, depression, relationships, previous mental health issues and crisis intervention. In addition to working with individuals, counselors also offer workshops on such topics as listening and communication skills, stress management, assertiveness training, and other opportunities for personal growth. All counseling services are entirely confidential. There is no charge for counseling.

The Peer Listeners provide private and confidential services in an environment that is an alternative to traditional counseling. The Peer Listeners Office is in the Glover Alston Center (GAC) and is directed and staffed by specially trained students.

The Center for Writing and Speaking (COWS)

Olin East E132 
Writing Center
(509) 527-5182

Students can come to the Center for Writing and Speaking for support at any stage of their writing or speaking projects. The COWS is a hub for writing, and you will find students and faculty in the COWS working on writing, talking about writing, and learning more about writing. We host open writing hours for students and faculty and we offer one-on-one consultations with trained student writing consultants. You can sign up for a one-hour appointment on our website, or just drop in when we are open. Bring whatever you have: prompts, ideas, notes, rough drafts, or even final drafts. We will work with you to help you develop your writing. We believe learning to write well is a lifelong process and that everyone can benefit from collaborating with a good listener.

In the 2015-2016 academic year we will be launching our Speaking Fellows program. Students will be able to make appointments with speaking fellows to practice presentations, receive coaching, work on class participation, or prepare a group presentation. Watch our website for more information.

The COWS is open evenings from 7pm to midnight for consultations. We also have afternoon hours on Fridays and Sundays and open writing hours during the week. You can also find COWS in Penrose from 8pm to 10pm Sunday through Wednesday in the Learning Commons for drop-in consultations. Please check the website or our bulletin board for upcoming hours and events.  

In addition to one-on-one consultations, the COWS offers several workshops on writing throughout the year and thesis boot camps for seniors. We work closely with the Writing Fellows and with the English Language Fellows to promote an atmosphere that produces excellent writers and speakers. We are also available to visit faculty classes by request. Please contact Prof. Lydia McDermott with any questions or requests in Olin East E 122.

Phone Numbers

The area code for Walla Walla is 509

For offices not listed below, call the college’s general information number (509) 527-5111.

Academic Resource Center - 527-5213

Admission — 527-5176

Alumni Office — 527-5167

Athletics — 527-5921

Bookstore — 527-5274

Business Office Student Accounts — 527-5143

Career Development — 527-5183

Counseling — 527-5195

Dean of Students — 527-5158

Development — 527-5165

FAX – Business Office/Development — 527-5859

Financial Aid Services — 527-5178

Harper Joy Theatre Box Office — 527-5180

Health Center — 527-5281

Intercultural Center — 527-5596

President’s Office — 527-5132

Provost/Dean of the Faculty — 527-5397

Residence Life and Housing — 527-5297

Resident Directors:

  • Anderson Hall — 527-5501
  • College House — 527-5683
  • Douglas Hall — 527-5683
  • Interest Houses— 524-2002
  • Jewett Hall — 527-5477
  • Lyman House — 527-5427
  • Marcus House — 527-5683
  • North Hall — 527-5361
  • Prentiss Hall — 527-5601
  • Tamarac House — 527-5361

Safety/Security — 527-5777