When Are You Expected to See Your Adviser?

Basic Expectations

  • Meet with your adviser as scheduled during registration periods.
  • Meet with your adviser every time you make a change in your registration (i.e. drop, add, P-D-F, or withdraw from a class).
  • It is very important to talk with your adviser if you receive a deficiency slip in the middle of the semester, or if you are disappointed or concerned by the grades you are receiving in any of your classes. Don’t be embarrassed. You adviser is there to help!

Other Expectations

  • Your adviser can’t help you if you don’t help yourself. Be familiar with the catalog and other official documents. Also, your adviser isn’t a mind reader – be sure to give him or her enough information to be a good adviser!
  • Remember that a faculty member doesn’t have to be officially listed as your adviser in order to give you advice. Feel free to consult with any member of the faculty. For example, if you are interested in medicine and your adviser is a philosopher, you may get excellent general advice from your adviser but still want to consult with members of the pre-med committee about the specific requirements of that field.
  • If you have concerns about classes or cannot find your adviser, contact the Academic Resource Center, Memorial 325.