Role of the Faculty Adviser

  • Assistance with course selection

Discussing your interests and goals, reviewing graduation require­ments, and assessing appro­priate course level.

  • Assistance with course load

Assisting you to assess your academic prep­aration, study skills, and the demands of the courses involved.

  • Assistance with academic problems during the semester

Examples of problems which may have an impact on your course work are: inadequate high school preparation, heavy course load, problems with study skills/time management, personal prob­lems, changes in your interests or goals, family pressure, etc. (Note: Deficiency slips, fail­ure to attend class, and missing or late papers or tests are often warning sig­ns of a problem that might require consul­tation with your adviser.)

  • Referral to Campus Resources

Your adviser may not know the answer to every ques­tion, but often he or she will be able to recommend another campus resource which will help.

  • A Different Perspective

Faculty members can provide you with a valuable perspective on their own field and on a Whitman education based on years of experience in acade­mia.