Dyscalculia Information

Dyscalculia is a disorder that affects an individual's mathematical ability. There is not a single form of the disorder; each individual struggles with different aspects of mathematics. People with dyscalculia are often quite good at language acquisition, sciences, visual memory, and communication.

Noticeable Behaviors:

  • Good memory for printed words, but difficulty with sequences of numbers
  • Difficulty with schedules and time
  • Low mental-math ability
  • Difficulty keeping score of games
  • Struggle with sense of direction
  • Struggle with computational aspects of math

Accommodation Strategies:

  • Visualize information/draw pictures
  • Read problems aloud
  • Make sure to look at any visual information given (pictures, graphs, charts)
  • Use rhythm and/or music to help memorize math facts
  • Use graph paper to organize work
  • Ask for uncluttered worksheets

Helpful Resources: