Greetings from the Academic Resource Center!

As we look ahead to Commencement weekend on May 22-25, we hope that you and your party will find the weekend accessible and enjoyable. Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind to ensure that your visit to Whitman goes as smoothly as possible.

Commencement Map

See locations for restrooms, seating, water stations, first aid, and much more before you arrive on campus.


Handicapped-accessible restrooms are located near the Commencement Ceremony in the Sherwood Athletic Center. Additional restrooms are available on the ground floor of the Reid Campus Center.

Parking / Drop-Off Locations

Parking stalls designated for handicap access are available in all campus parking lots. Additional parking for those with handicap placards or permits will be at any available handicap-designated location or along the driveway for the Baker Center, located on the corner of Otis Street and Boyer Avenue.

For those guests in wheelchairs or walkers in need of a nearby drop-of or pick-up location, we have designated the same corner for this purpose, allowing drivers to continue through the Baker Center driveway on to other campus parking.


We are designating seating areas for those with mobility challenges to be located near the stage. Due to limited space, please be aware that this seating is limited to those with special needs and one additional guest. Personnel from the Academic Resource Center and the Dean of Students Office will be on hand to assist you in finding appropriate seating.

For those guests in need of seating in close view or in view of the American Sign Language signers, there is reserved seating directly in front of the ramp on the right hand side of the stage. As with all guests to the Whitman Commencement Ceremony, we strongly suggest that you arrive early to find the seating location that best fits your needs.


The weather on the day of the Commencement varies from year to year from sunny days in the high 80s/low 90s to cool with a light rain and temperatures in the 50s/60s. In order to be prepared, we recommend that guests bring an umbrella and raincoat, as well as warm layers. Water stations will be provided at the event as well.

Wheelchair/Equipment Rental

Wheelchairs, walkers, and other medical supplies are not available for rent on the Whitman campus. If you think someone in your party might require something of this nature while you're in Walla Walla, there are two medical supply stores in town that rent equipment. Walla Walla Home Medical (509.525.1066) and Adventist Health/Home Medical Supply (509.529.2649) are both located near downtown.


Restaurants around town fill up quickly at meal times, so it is recommended that if you are planning to eat meals out during your stay, you make reservations before getting into town. Descriptions of and contact information for most of the dining establishments in town and in the areas surrounding Walla Walla can be found online at the Walla Walla website. Light refreshments will be provided following the Commencement ceremony.

Additional Questions/Concerns

If you have any other questions regarding the Commencement weekend festivities or if you might require accommodations for other events during Commencement weekend, such as Saturday's Baccalaureate ceremony, please do not hesitate to contact the Academic Resource Center at (509) 527-5213.