Conferences, Events & Scheduling

Conferences, Events & Scheduling

Communication Skills

  • Able to establish rapport with clients: warm, responsive and polite
  • Capable of listening to client's requests/needs, speaking clearly to define rules and regulations while maintaining effective and respectful rapport
  • Work collaboratively with Summer Conferences Aides, Whitman Community and external organization.
  • Keep supervisor informed in timely manner regarding status of program activities and identify areas of concern
  • Collaboration and cross-training on all aspects of job description
  • An ability to perform job functions in a timely manner and to evaluate personal effectiveness in regards to task assignments

Comportment Skills

  • Learn and employ safety regulations when working in facility maintenance
  • Dress appropriately for job description, and serves as a liaison representing Whitman College to the internal and external community

Decision Making Skills

  • Utilize critical thinking skills and sound judgment to respond to client needs
  • An ability to deal with crises management by taking initiative, developing problem solving skills, and anticipating client needs


  • An aptitude to motivate others, maintain a positive attitude and manage events from start to finish
  • The ability to evaluate, analyze, and provide critical analysis of individual programs and personal effectiveness
  • Ability to prioritize multiple tasks, delegate responsibilities, and take direction
  • Participate in formulation of departmental goals and objectives, analyze outcomes, and develop goals for event management

Practical Skills

  • Organize and prioritize work, maintain accurate and thorough documentation
  • An ability to learn Excel, Word, and other clerical duties as requested