Learning Outcomes

We, the Reid Campus Center staff, are educators who work in partnership with the faculty to provide students with opportunities for learning through the co-curricular experience.  This commitment is reinforced through the Reid Campus Center mission statement which lists our top two priorities as:

  • Creating learning opportunities for students which integrate skill development, reflection and assessment.
  • Educating students through leadership and professional development experiences

To ensure that we continually strive to implement these priorities in our daily work lives, we have developed a series of learning outcomes for all student positions within the Reid Campus Center.  Learning outcomes are statements that specify what learners will know or be able to do as a result of a learning activity.  Outcomes are usually expressed as knowledge, skills, or attitudes.  For example, one of the learning outcome for a Reid Campus Center student building manager is to establish communication with event contact person prior to event

The Reid Campus Center staff incorporates learning outcomes in many different ways.  During training, learning outcomes are shared with students as a way to educate them in terms of a position's responsibilities.  This provides students with an opportunity to fully understand the scope and complexity of their position and to understand exactly what is to be accomplished.  Students are then asked to reflect on each learning outcome and assess the ‘gap' between each stated learning outcome and their current ability level in relationship to that learning outcome.  The result of this reflection is a personalized lesson plan for each student.  Future training sessions then focus specifically on what students need to learn to master their position.  Learning outcomes are again utilized during the review/evaluation process as a way for each student to measure how successfully they are meeting each learning outcome.  Ideally, students will demonstrate growth and development such that the gap between the learning outcomes and their ability level has either significantly narrowed or been completely eliminated.  As staff, we are able to use this opportunity to reinforce how much a student has learned over the course of their involvement with our offices and to congratulate them on their growth and development.

The Reid Campus Center learning outcomes are also invaluable tools when students apply for other positions.  By routinely reviewing the learning outcomes, students clearly understand their responsibilities and should be fully capable of articulating these to others, either through a written resume or verbally in a job interview. 

Listed below are links to the specific learning outcomes for each Reid Campus Center area.


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