Statement on Diversity By The Trustees of Whitman College

At their November 2005 meeting, the Board of Trustees endorsed the following statement on the value of diversity at Whitman. Many individuals and groups – trustees, overseers, alumni, students, faculty and staff – contributed to the final version of this statement, which was developed by the Diversity Committee.

Diversity is fundamentally important to the character and mission of Whitman College. Diversity enriches our community and enhances intellectual and personal growth. We seek to provide a challenging liberal arts experience for our students that prepares them for citizenship in the global community. By sustaining a diverse community, we strive to ensure that all individuals are valued and respected and that intellectual and personal growth are enriched because of our differences.

Statement Endorsed November 4, 2005
The Trustees of Whitman College

John C. Coleman, Jr. ’73
William K. Deshler ’64
Lawrence Drake ’65
Nancy Bell Evans ’54
Karen E. Glover ’72,
James K. Hayner ’72
Anna Hernandez
Valerie Logan Hood ’60
Richard E. Hunter ’65
Kristine Johnson ’79
Thomas H. McCracken ’63
Bradley C. McMurchie
Walter C. Minnick
Michael C. Murr
Ralph C. Rittenour, Jr.
James L. Robart ’69
John W. Stanton ’77
Peter H. van Oppen ’74
Elizabeth Main Welty
David W. Wyckoff ’67

Diversity Committee*
Chair: Jim Robart ’69
Vice Chair: David Valdez ’82
Ex-Officio: Kari Glover ’72
Terry Abeyta ’73
Jim Anderson
Voja Andjelkovic ’94
Ernie Burgess ’62
Julie Edsforth ’88
Anna Hernandez ’82
Kay Hodge ’69
Valerie Logan Hood ’60
Michelle Keith ’85
Marc Pitre ’88

*Membership at the time of the 2005 meeting. For current membership lists, see Whitman College Trustees