Construction History

Construction on the Glover Alston Center began during the summer of 2009 and concluded that December.  The Glover Alston Center opened on Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 18, 2010.



August 2009: exterior demolition & landscaping

August 2009 internal remodeling: new internal wooden framing installed to support the 2nd floor

August 2009: fireplace and lounge area


Mid-September 2009: new front steps & landscaping

Mid-September 2009: east siding - notice the gaps by the windows

Mid-September 2009: work commences on the back deck

Mid-October: back deck nearing completion

Mid-October: front view with new additions

Mid-October: new siding installed

Mid-October: wheelchair-accessible ramp completed & landscape/bike parking area excavated

Mid-October: drywall completed for the main lounge

Mid-October: dining room/academic seminar room

Late October: exterior painting in progress

Late October: exterior painting in progress

Early November: exterior painting nearing completion

Early November: front porch with the new paint job

Early November: foundation for the deck is in place

Early November: kitchen with brand new cabinets & linoleum floors

Early November: stairs

Early November: 2nd floor meeting/work space highlighted by an accent wall

Mid-November: completed carpeting and 2nd players of interior paints

Mid-November: new hardwood floors for one of the two main floor lounges

Mid-November: completed fireplace

Mid-November: remodelled bathrooms

Mid-November: one of two gas stoves/ovens for the kitchen

Mid-November: nearly finished kitchen

Winter Break: project completed!


Fully stocked kitchen

Dining room/seminar room/smart classroom

Main lounge

Fireplace room

Upstairs study/meeting room