Parts Twenty-One through Twenty-Two

Walk north toward Harper Joy Theatre and see the crescent steel sculpture at its entrance.

21. Triumphant Arc, 2004, Micajah Bienvenu '86.

This interactive piece can be rotated. Next time you take the tour, it may face another direction.

Triumphant Arch

Opposite the theater, you'll see the back of Penrose Library. Follow along to the right, turn left and look for the bright yellow Balancing Act in the trees on the south side of the library.

22. Balancing Act, 1989, Jim Wood.

This painted stainless steel sculpture was given to the college in memory of Reine Hillis '65.

Balancing Act

Look again toward Ankeny Field, and in the southwest corner you'll see the popular final stop on this tour.

23. Three Stories, 1997, Squire Broel.

A Walla Walla artist, Broel drew inspiration from Hong Kong's fish markets. In China, the carp represents prosperity; by scarring its surface, Broel suggests the loss of values in the quest for wealth. The sculpture was cast in bronze at the Walla Walla Foundry.

Three Stories/Lemon Fish

You have traveled approximately  1.5 miles.

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